IQM – Our school has achieved The Inclusive School Award and we have also been designated as being a Centre of Excellence

IQM – Our school has achieved The Inclusive School Award and we have also been designated as being a Centre of Excellence

Inclusion Quality Mark (I.Q.M.), we are a Centre of Excellence!

Following an I.Q.M. assessment in March, we have been awarded the Inclusive School Award with Centre of Excellence status.

This is a fantastic achievement!

Below are several extracts from the I.Q.M. website 8th April 2024:

Pupils are Happy’

The school’s most recent Ofsted grading is ‘good’, with the report highlighting that, “pupils are happy and proud to belong to this calm and welcoming school community”.

In the most recent Religious Education Inspection Report, the school’s overall effectiveness in providing Catholic Education was recognised as ‘outstanding’.  The report remarks on how the pupils live out the mission statement: “pupils truly appreciate, value and actively participate in the Catholic Life at Our Lady Immaculate.  They know, own and live out their Mission Statement ‘We are a Catholic school; one family living and learning together in faith,’ wholeheartedly.”

Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School is an inclusive school committed to fostering a supportive environment for all its pupils, staff and families.  Pre-visit communication with the school’s IQM Co-ordinator demonstrated a genuine passion for inclusion.  Interactions with Leaders reflected the importance of the school being recognised as an Inclusive School, first and foremost.

Family Ethos

Throughout the visit, it was evident that Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School embodies a family ethos that permeates every aspect of school life.  The staff team is not only committed to but also aligned with, the school’s vision, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  The calm environment and the sight of happy, engaged children further confirmed the strength of the school’s ethos.

All Stakeholders Feel Valued

The Governing Body’s alignment with the school’s inclusive ethos and its leadership approach, extending from Governors to pupils, demonstrates the collaborative and participatory nature of school development decisions.  All stakeholders feel valued as members of the Our Lady Immaculate family.

In conclusion, Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School is an exemplary centre of inclusivity, with strengths spanning various aspects of school life.  No major areas for development were identified during the assessment.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this rigorous assessment: Staff, Parents, Governors and our Pupils who were and always are exemplary. Congratulations!

Our Lady Immaculate Catholic PS Achieves Centre of Excellence | IQM (


Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School Report – Mar 2024 (3)

Many congratulations for all those involved, staff, Governors, pupils and our parents and carers!

Thank you!

Please see above for further information and some headlines from the report.

ADHD Foundation Support

The ADHD Foundation have organised a support group for parents. All are welcome whether your child has a diagnosis or not.

They will be virtual meetings over Zoom on the last Monday of the month@1.00pm.

Please see the attached information for further details.

Support Group flyer- Zoom_Liverpool

ADHD Foundation Training for Early Years Parents

The ADHD Foundation are offering training for our Early Years Parents, (Reception and Nursery Classes). It will be virtual training for – “Understanding and supporting your child’s early development”.

It will be held on Wednesday 21st October from 9.30 am- 2.30 pm.

This session is aimed to support any parent/carer of children in the Early Years who may have concerns with regards to potential developmental delay (early emergence of Neurodevelopmental Conditions – ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia).

Below is a breakdown of the virtual sessions which will run across a whole day in 45 minute chunks to allow for breaks:
  1. Early brain development and neurodiversity – This is where we will explore how the human brain develops in early years and how delays in development can present for some children. We will also use this session to look at the prime areas of the EYFS and what strategies to encourage development of these skills at home.
  2. Sensory integration – This is where we explore sensory needs. Focussing on hyper and hypo sensitivity – how this may present for some children and strategies to support.
  3. Emotion regulation – We focus on introducing parents/carers to the concept of co-regulation and how this leads to self regulation. Exploring strategies to implement in the home.
  4. Sleep – We explore sleep stages, the science of sleep and strategies for implementing a positive sleep routine.

If you are interested please contact Mrs Brown or your child’s teacher if you would like to access this training.

Please click on the flier below for further information.


ASD June Drop in Sessions for Parents

The Liverpool ASD Training Team are providing a series of virtual drop in advisory sessions via zoom.  They are for parent/carers wishing to talk in a private one to one setting about any questions or concerns they may have about their child. You do not require a diagnosis of ASD to book your place.

To book your place please email your choice of date and time and you will be emailed a zoom link. There are two places available for each time slot.

Monday 29th June 2020 
9.30 – 10.15
10.30 – 11.15
11.30 – 12.15
12.30 – 1.15

Tuesday 30th June 2020
12.00 – 12.45
1.0 0 – 1.45
2.00 – 2.45
3.00 – 3.45

LivPaC Resources for parents of SEND Pupils

Liverpool Parent and Carers Forum-LivPaC

Liverpool Parent and Carers Forum (LivPaC) is a group of parents and carers of children and young people with special education needs and/or disabilities (SEND) who work with education, health and care services.

“Alone, we can do so little.  BUT together we CAN do so MUCH”

Through their participation and co-production, they work to create a culture across all services which places need of families at the centre of the decision making.

Below is a link to LivPac which holds a wealth of resources which may provide useful in supporting your child and your family. 

As Parenting Co-ordinator for Liverpool City Council, I am proud that we can offer parents across the city a platform to share their stories whilst offering resources from across a wide spectrum of organisations to support parents on their journey.

It has been a privilege to pull these SEND blogs and information together and I would like to thank the parents, LivPac and our partners for their support and assistance in piecing this jigsaw of information together. Chris Cavanagh

Produced by LivPac & Chris Cavanagh (LCC Parenting Co-ordinator)

SEND Parenting

ADHD Foundation Webinar Training for Parents

There will be availability for parents to attend webinars from The ADHD Foundation.

Topics will include:

  • ADHD and Treatment – AM
  • Sleep and Wellbeing – PM
  • Stress awareness and self-regulation – Evening

There will also be workshops on Emotional wellbeing and mental health with a focus on moving towards transition which will be held on Wednesday Evenings 7-8pm.

If you wish to attend please email school using the SEND e-mail address and your request will come directly to myself. I will then give you further details to access them.

This training is primarily for families who have accessed support from the ADHD Foundation through school; or for those families who have a child with a diagnosis of ADHD/ASC or have a child on Pathways.

Further information can be found on the SEND page of Home Learning.

Keep safe and take care, Mrs Brown

ADHD Foundation Parent Training

Full day training will be held on:

26th June Blessed Sacrament Primary School, focus – ASD

27th June Everton Children’s Centre/Nursery, focus Behaviour – ADHD/ASD

16th July Whitefield Primary School, focus – ASD


All of our parents are welcome to attend.

ADHD Support for Parents/Carers Friday 12th July 2.30pm

ADHD Foundation Support for Parents and Carers

On Friday 12th July from 2.30pm there will be in an informal gathering for parents who have a child with an ADHD /ASD diagnosis or for those who are on the Neuro-Developmental Pathway. Drop in and have a drink and a chat!

ADHD Foundation Training For Parents Thursday 13th June 2019

ADHD Foundation ASD training at Our Lady Immaculate

If your child has an ASD diagnosis or is on the Nuero-developmental Pathway, you are very welcome to attend. Your child does not need a diagnosis for you to attend.

It is a full day from 9.30am until 2.45pm. It will consist of interactive sessions where you can ask questions about strategies, gather information about traits or ways in which you can support your child.

I do hope as many parents as possible can come along.

There are information sheets on our website which you can download and complete.

It is open to parents of neighbouring schools too. I would be happy for you to spread the word!


Congratulations to all our children from year 1 to Year 6, who took an English Speaking Board examination in the Summer!

All of the children passed with flying colours and received their award at Toxteth Annexe during the EMTAS Awards on Monday evening with their families.

We are all very proud of your achievements!


Congratulations to the Year Six members of the Chaplaincy Group on achieving their Faith in Action Award this week!

ASC Support for Parents and Carers.

Today is our second workshop for parents and carers, beginning at 1.00pm. Last week was very successful and we are sure that this week will be just as successful!

All are welcome to attend.

First Holy Communion Celebration

Congratulations to all of our children who celebrated their First Holy Communion yesterday.

Special thanks to Anne, Mr Southworth and their families who have helped to prepare the children during this year. 

We look forward to seeing photographs of their special day.

Parent ASC Project

Next Friday 4th May from 1.00pm-3.00 pm is our first Parent Workshop, Understanding Autism. Please contact school if you are interested in attending.

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