Sickness & Medication

Please contact school as soon as possible if your child is ill, especially if your child has an infectious disease. Please call school on the telephone number (0151) 260 8957. Alternatively you can email school using the email address: or by using the school app (download from the home page of the website). 

Click on the link to check public health guidance for the length of time your child needs to be off school. Do I need to keep my child off school 

Illness at School

The normal procedure is for school to telephone home. Arrangements will then be made for parents or a responsible adult to collect the child. It is important that the emergency contact form is filled in for each child to assist in the event of parents being unavailable. Parents will be asked to update this information annually.

For this reason it is essential that the school is informed of any change in home details or circumstances.


The school follows the policy and guidance on the administering of medicines as set out by the Education Authority. School staff are not permitted to administer medication to children.

If your child is prescribed medicines by the family doctor or the hospital, they may still attend school, but you are required to complete three forms which can be obtained from the school office or can be downloaded below.

The school now has a lockable medicines fridge and therefore antibiotics can now be stored safely in school on completion of the required forms.

The first is the Liverpool city council letter which asks parents/guardians to confirm current parent contact details in case of an emergency.

The second asks permission of the school to supervise your child whilst they take their medication.

The third (which  must be signed by your doctor) gives details of the medication, including dosage and how frequently it should be taken and must have a photograph of your child attached for identification.

Liverpool City Council Information about Medicines

Parental Request for School Administration of Medication

Details of Medication Form