Rugby and Running After School – Friday 29th April 2016

Anfield Mini League – 26th April 2016

This afternoon, we had two football fixtures against St. Margarets Anfield and Pinehurst in a catch up of fixtures from the Anfield Mini League, at Anfield Sports and Community Centre.

First up was St Margarets Anfield, and a quick break from the opposition caused problems in our penalty area. The OLI defence stood off and allowed a shot at goal, which crept past Eryk’s far post and into the goal (0-1). From this point onwards, we were the stronger team, creating chance after chance, but failing to beat an impressive SMA ‘keeper. Despite dominating the match from start to finish, our front line couldn’t find the back of the net and the game finished 0-1 to SMA.

Top of the table Pinehurst awaited at the final whistle, but once again OLI dominated from start to finish. Lots of chances for Kian and Joel in the first 5 minutes, produced a solitary goal after a neat one-two between the two players. Pinehurst threw the majority of their players forward during each attack, outnumbering our defence, but found it difficult to beat an impressive Eryk between the sticks.

Three goals from Pinehurst showed why they are top of the league, despite not playing to their fun potential. One goal in reply from OLI was enough to put the pressure on for the final ten minutes, but Pinehurst settled the match with a fourth, to end the match 4-2.

Year 3 visit to Nature Trail and Allotment

Miss Gallagher’s class had a wonderful visit to the Nature Trail and Allotment at the Breckfield Centre, organised by Regenda Homes. The community wellbeing apprentices made the pupils and staff feel extremely welcome and planned a nature trail quiz for our pupils. This was a great link to their current topic of Plants in Science.

The children also got to take a pot plant home to look after. Mrs Burns’ class are visiting this Friday, with Miss Boughey’s class the week after.

Thank you to all the staff at Regenda Homes for making us feel so welcome every time we visit – the children loved it!

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Cross Country Final Standings 2015/16

We have had a very enthusiastic uptake for cross country running this year from children across the whole school. Children in KS2 have represented the school at various cross country events this year and have proved themselves to be very successful!

Out of 17 schools, our boys team came in 6th place and our girls team came in 8th place.


Final Total Races League Pts
Liverpool College 6 96
Our Lady’s Bishop Eton 5 94
St Paschal Baylon 6 80
St Margaret’s (Anfield) 6 54
St Christopher’s 4 52
Our Lady Immaculate 6 48.5
Florence Melly 3 48
Christ The King 5 46
Monksdown 6 43
Lister 3 36
Northcote 4 23.5
St Teresa of Lisieux 4 23
Wellesbourne 4 17
Hunts Cross 3 13
Leamington 1 10
Lawrence 0 0
Stockton Wood 0 0


Final Total Races League Pts
Liverpool College 6 100
Our Lady’s Bishop Eton 5 90
Christ The King 5 72
St Paschal Baylon 6 65
St Margaret’s (Anfield) 6 64.5
Lister 6 56
Monksdown 6 48
Our Lady Immaculate 6 39.5
St Christopher’s 4 37
St Teresa of Lisieux 4 33
Florence Melly 3 32
Northcote 4 20
Wellesbourne 4 19
Hunts Cross 3 11.5
Leamington 1 7
Lawrence 0 0
Stockton Wood 0 0

Well done to all the pupils who represented the school this year and we hope to have even more successful teams in the future!

Local Police Visit – Year 5

Year 5 were visited by our local police officers yesterday to talk about gangs and how to keep safe from anti-social behaviour. The police officers are currently doing lots of work in school with our children and will be continuing building relationships with pupils through e-safety and road safety talks in the summer term.

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Grow Wild Project – Everton Park

Yesterday children in Year 3 had the chance to sow wildflower seeds in Everton Park, as part of the Grow Wild project. This was extremely successful last year and the wildflowers made our local park look beautiful! Richard from the wildflower centre explained how to sow the seeds and as Year 3 have been looking at plants in science, they were able to explain how the seeds will eventually grow into beautiful flowers. The children are excited about visiting the flowers in the coming months to look at how the seeds change and develop.

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Wildflower Sowing – Monday 11th April 2016

On Monday, our Year 3 pupils will be sowing wildflower seeds in Everton Park as part of a continuing project from las year. Children will need to bring wellies, or trainers which they do not mind getting dirty with them to school in a separate bag.

There is an opportunity for the rest of our pupils and their families to take part in community wildflower sowing this Sunday, at 10.30am in Everton Park.

First Aid training for parents

We are running First Aid Training for parents on Monday 18th and Wednesday 20th April. The sessions will last for 2 hours, will be based in the school gym and will provide basic first aid instruction.

Baby and child first aid course is Monday 18th April 1pm-3pm or 3.30pm-5.30pm

Adult first aid is Wednesday 20th April 1pm-3pm or 3.30pm-5.30pm

Please contact Mrs Roberts if you have any questions.

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