Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club continues to be very popular with our pupils and their families.

It is an excellent way to ensure your child is on time for school and ready to learn. We provide a nutritional breakfast of both hot and cold items, each school day.

Breakfast Club is available every morning from 8.00am to 8.55am for children from Reception to Year 6. However children will not be able to join the club after 8.30am, so please remember to drop them off in time.

This service only costs £1.50 per day.


It’s a great way to start the day, an early breakfast with your friends. Year 4 child026


There is a choice of hot food or cereal every morning.


The iPads are available so we can play games or research those topics which interest us.016 008I

When I come to Breakfast Club, I like to play with the lego or play board games with my friends.

Year 3 child

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