Equality and Diversity

Educating children in an every changing world

At Our Lady Immaculate Primary School we strive to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and to foster good relations.

Our aim is to provide a framework that supports our commitment to valuing diversity, tackling discrimination, promoting equality and fostering good relationships between different groups of people. We recognise that the whole school community working together, encouraging strong, positive relationships between pupils, staff, parents, governors and other school stakeholders helps to provide the best education and life experiences for all our pupils.

Therefore as a school we have produced our own definitions so that they are aware of the correct terminology to use within our school community but also the wider world.

Refugee: When a person leaves their country of birth to seek protection or sanctuary.

Asylum seeker: A person who is seeking protection from another country and are awaiting refugee status.

Bisexual: People can love other people of both genders. People get to love who they love.

Gay: Two people of the same gender who love each other. Two men or two women.

Heterosexual: Two people of different genders who love each other. A man and a woman.

Transgender or Trans: When your gender identity (how you feel) is different than how your body is (your anatomy). When a person with a boy body feels like a girl inside their heart and brain. Or, when a person with a girl body feels like a boy inside their heart and brain.

Homophobia : When a person has a fear or a dislike for people who are gay.

Transvestite: A transvestite is someone who dresses in what would conventionally worn by the opposite gender, and acts in that manner. This has nothing to do with sexuality.


At our school, alongside our PSHE curriculum there are often questions that can arise and we have lots of different ways to educate the children through use of specific books, activities, guest speakers which will be taught at an age appropriate level.

Here are a few examples of the books we use in school to educate the children

  • The great big book of families
  • Picnic in the park
  • My princess boy
  • And tango makes three
  • Daddy, Papa and me
  • Mummy, mama and me
  • Its ok to be different
  • The family book
  • All I want to be is me

As always if you have any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Sergeant or Miss Hughes who will be happy to assist you further.


Equality Statement

Accessibility Plan

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