Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School

School Council

The School Council at Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School are drawn from pupils from Y2 to Y6. They are democratically elected by their peers in exciting elections, which are held every September.

The aim of the council is to collect the views of children around the school, discuss ways to make our school even better and contribute to final decision making with Mrs Sergeant and Mrs Partington.

We meet on a weekly basis to discuss issues such as: how to keep ourselves safe, how to improve facilities around school, regular meetings with the school cook to make the lunch menu even better, and carrying out surveys to acquire pupil voice.

Meet Our School Council members 2022-23



I’m 10 years old. I think I’ll be good at representing my class because I am dependable, trustworthy and am someone who can be relied upon. I also think I’m generous, caring and considerate. I enjoy school, I love celebration assembly and all the school clubs. I enjoy all the National Curriculum subjects and like to discover new things. I’m looking forward to working with our school cook to discuss meals severed in the canteen. 

When I’m older I’d like to be an English teacher and teach abroad. 



I am in Year 3 and am 7 years old. I think I’d be good at representing my class because I am smart and I’m a good listener. The things I like about school are the school dinners, my friends, my lessons and my teachers. If I could change one thing about school it would be the boys toilets.

When I grow up I want to be a PE coach.



Hi I’m in Year 4 and am 9 years old. The best things about our school are great teachers, brilliant yards, delicious food and amazing friends. I’d like to make school more fun but still learn at the same time. I am the ICT monitor for my class, I’m good at it, and Art and Maths too. 

When Im older I want to be a YouTuber.


Hello, I’m 8.5 years old and in Year 4. I think my class voted for me because I’m a good listener, good speller and good at everything. I think an important quality of being a school councillor is to be nice. I like our teachers, the sports hall, the classrooms and the playgrounds. I would like some extra equipment for the the top yard. 

When I’m older I’d like to be a footballer. 



I am independent, smart, responsible and have 100% attendance! I’m one of the Year 6 school councillors and am 10 years old. I’d like to discuss the Key Stage 2 yard and how we can have more things to do on the top yard.  

When I grow up I want to be a singer, dancer or actor. 



I wanted to be the school councillor for my class because I am proud of them. I am 6 years old and am in Year 2. I think our school has, the best teachers, best friends and beautiful classrooms. I think I will work well as I’m patient and helpful.

When I’m older I hope to be a Gymnast.  



Hello, I am 7 years old, and I am in Year 3. My favourite animals are snakes, lizards and spiders. I wanted to represent my class because I thought it would be fun! The things I like about my school are the yards, my friends, learning new things and that everyone is friendly. I’m a good listener so think I will make a good councillor, I hope to help others and make new friends. 

When I grow up I want to be a Zoo Keeper. 



I am in Year 5 and am 9 years old. I will be a great school councillor because I am kind, helpful, I’m good at communicating and am patient. I want to make our school better and get more supplies for my class. My favourite things about school are the teachers, the yards, the oratory and my friends. 

When I am older I would like to be an engineer. 



Hello my name is Louis and I am in Year 6. I was elected to be school Ambassador by the children and staff. I am 11 years old, I like our school yards, the staff and my friends. I would like to make sure there is more equipment on the yards and a greater variety of school dinners. I think I represent the school well because I’m a great attender and am trustworthy and kind. 

When I grow up I want to be anything…so long as I am happy! 



Hi I’m Mia, I’m 11 years old and in Year 6. I wanted to be school ambassador to help people with problems and ensure our school is a safe place to be. I like to make people happy by smiling and being a good friend. 

When I grow up I want to be a surgeon (the had of department).



Hi, I’m Harry, I’m 6. I think everyone voted for me because I’m the kindest person and the one with the most knowledge. I’m good at listening and talking and this helps me share my ideas. 

When I’m older I want to be an accountant like my mum!

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