Match Report.

Match Report.

Today our girls football team played their third league match of the season against Our Lady’s Bishop Eton. The girls had won their first 2 games and were very excited to be playing. The match took place at Heron Eccles, the first match we’ve played on the new astroturf pitches there!

We could tell from the beginning that the game would be tough, OLBE were a very strong team with an exceptional number 7 who scored a long range effort very early on. The girls put up a brave defense but weren’t having many shots themselves. A penalty from Shelby was saved onto the post and the half ended 2-0!

OLBE’s number 7 continued to dictate the match, but that helped our keeper Paige to shine. She pulled off some stunning saves and even continued to play through injury. Another highlight of the game was the bravery in tackling shown especially by Mayar and Maria. Aaliyah hit the post in the second half and Sophie had an excellent long-range effort, but OLBE maintained their clean sheet. Their winger added a 3rd and 4th goal before assisting a 5th late on. The game ended 0-5.

The girls rallied together in defeat and didn’t sulk, looking forward instead to their cup game in 3 weeks time. Congratulations to OLBE for an excellent display and again thanks to KMC sports for arranging.

POTM: Paige Taylor. Bravery, commitment and playing in spite of fogetting her football boots!

Anti Bullying Quality Mark

We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded with the Silver Anti Bullying Quality Mark! Our assessment day was a day of celebration, where the assessor spoke to children, parents and staff. He was delighted to see how much we had progressed from our bronze award in 2015. We are very proud of this achievement!

Odd Sock Day!

We are looking forward to wearing our odd socks on Friday to celebrate and show our support for individuality!

GANGs programme for year 6

Our Year 6 children have started their programme on GetAwayNGetSafe (Gangs safety programme). This has been a really successful programme in our school in the past and we are looking forward to seeing the impact on our current year 6 children.

Anti bullying week

We have started our ‘Anti Bullying Week’ with a brilliant and informative assembly on being cyber safe, this was presented by our digital leaders. The message was very clear. Well Done! I am looking forward to see what else this important week brings.

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