Our Attendance

We promote excellent attendance and expect parents/carers to support us as we strive to meet the Local Authority target of 97% . We understand and acknowledge that very young children are susceptible catching bugs and know that there will be occasions when children need to stay at home. Every day away from school counts as 2 sessions, for a child to achieve 97% attendance during the school year they can have no more than 12 sessions (6 days) absent from school, this averages out at 1 day per half term. 

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Excellent attendance is essential in order to promote strong friendships, form positive relationships with staff,  develop solid foundations and make good academic progress. 

Attendance is closely monitored by the Senior Leadership Team, our school governors and our Educational Welfare officer (EWO). Medical appointments can be authorised however proof must be provided, a copy of any official correspondence should be shared with the office staff or any texts messages can be forwarded to Mrs Finnigan. Please contact school if you do not have access to the Learning Mentor’s mobile number. 

If a child’s attendance drops below 90% they are classed as a persistent absentee (PA).  Families of PA children will be invited in to school to meet with Mrs Partington (Deputy Headteacher) and Mrs Finnigan (Learning Mentor), this supportive meeting is an opportunity for the school to discuss any issues that may be a barrier to regular attendance. These attendance meetings have been highly effective and very supportive, parent’s have appreciated the opportunity to discuss their children’s medical history and plan a way forward. 

Our EWO (Lorraine Foulkes) supports the school when parents don’t engage with school systems. If a child is absent for more than 10 sessions (5 days) and no medical evidence is provided a 20 day fixed penalty warning letter may be issued. If attendance does not improve a 20 day fixed penalty notice is served, this states that a child must attend school from 20 days for a fixed period of time. If a child is absent during this 20 day period court procedures may follow.  

Holidays taken during term time will not be authorised and fines will be issued, £60 per child per parent. 

Attendance information from Liverpool City Council

Information from the Department for Education






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