Reminder: Foundation Stage Parent/Carer Welcome Meeting

Reminder: Foundation Stage Parent/Carer Welcome Meeting

Please join the Foundation Stage Team tomorrow in the school gym at 2.45pm  – 3.10pm for a coffee and chat about your child’s journey through Nursery and Reception. Find out information about how your child learns through play as well as how to support his/her early reading and mathematical development.

Fun on the Farm!

Nursery and Reception children had a fantastic day at Acorn Farm. Check out our Early Years page for more information and photogrpahs!



This afternoon we are having coffee and cakes in the hall in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, parents are invited to come along from 2.30pm!

A credit to the school

Text just in from Mr Cotton,

‘Glorious sunny day today. Kids all fine, although exhausted. It’s been a great trip and the kids have been brilliant. A credit to the school and their parents! . See you at 3pm’

Disco Fever!

Last night the children (and Miss Topping) got their best gear on ready to dance the night away at the legendary Colomendy disco. The children were exhausted after a long day of exciting activities but still managed to ‘throw some shapes’ on the dance floor!

Colomendy update!

The sun was still shining as the children took on canoeing and kayaking activities! I’m afraid there are some wet clothes coming back to Everton! Everyone safe, happy and having a great time!


Latest from Mr Cotton

Latest news from Mr Cotton is that the children are currently taking part in Nightline, Team Tech and Bouldering. They were full of energy after cereal and a full English breakfast and the weather is just perfect!

Sunny and Bright!

It’s sunny and bright in Colomendy this morning and the children are looking forward to a fun filled day of challenging activities. Last night the children had roast dinner for tea, they were up and out early this morning and looking forward to a cooked breakfast.

Text from Mr Cotton

‘Children are all in bed but not asleep! Very excited! All safe and sound and had a good day. Washing machines needed for Friday night though!’ from Mr Cotton

Very Excited!

Mr Cotton has text to say the children have enjoyed their first activity despite the light rain. The journey went as planned and thankfully ‘sick buckets’ weren’t needed!! We will keep you posted with the latest news as we receive it.

Arrived Safely!

Year 6 have arrived safely at Colomendy, children are busy making their beds and unpacking their bags before they begin their first activity and have tea. We will keep you posted on how the children and what they are up to!

Cross Country – 22nd September 2015 at Newsham Park

The second cross country event in the calendar was held at Newsham Park this evening, with OLI fielding a boys and girls team once again. Eryk showed that last weeks 27th place finish was no fluke, with a 6 place improvement, finishing in 21st. First through for the girls was Eve, improving by 15 places, in 63rd place.

Well done to first timers James and Harriet, who raced very well considering they are 1 year younger than most of the competition. The third event will be held at Stanley Park next week.


Eryk Kowara: 21st

Lucas O’Brien: 60th

Sean Harris: 69th

James Wamulo: 70th


Eve Power: 63rd

Alexis Crieta: 78th

Paige Critchley: 79th

Akasha Low Koan: 87th

Harriet Guy: 88th

Tennis Roadshow

Pupils in Reception and Key Stage One enjoyed a morning of tennis, with Phil from the Tennis Foundation. Children developed skills which they have learned since taking tennis lessons in PE last year, but most of all, had lots of fun! There is also an opportunity for all pupils to take part in free tennis sessions this weekend:

Where: Liverpool tennis Centre, Wavertree Sports Park, Wellington Rd, Liverpool, L15 4LE

When: Saturday 26th September from 10am – 12pm, or 2pm – 4pm. Sunday 27th September from 10am – 12pm.

Cost: FREE!!

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Cross Country – Wavertree 17th September 2015

The Cross Country season kicked off at Wavertree this week, with OLI taking part after a a term’s worth of training sessions in the summer. Both boys and girls were represented by Year 6 pupils, in the intermediate schools’ races. Over half of the schools in Liverpool were in attendance, meaning over 80 pupils took to the field in each race, with some exceptionally talented runners from around the city.

All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed their first competitive cross country race and all are determined to beat their placings from this race next week at Newsham Park.

Our first runners home were Eryk (27th) and Holly (51st).


Playground leaders!

The play ground leaders have been so busy on both the Key Stage One and Key Stage Two yards.

Please see the Anti-bullying page for the latest news!

Keep up to date with what year three and four are up to

This is just a reminder to parents and carers that you can keep up to date with what we get up to each week by clicking on the ‘Children’  tab along the top of the Home page , next go to the ‘Children’ tab down the left hand side , then ‘Lower key stage 2’ and finally  ‘Autumn news , September to October ‘ for this half term’s news. We have many engaging , varied activities which show the full curriculum as well as extra curricular activities so we hope you enjoy following what your children do as much as they enjoy doing it !.

Key Stage One photographs!

Please check out the Key Stage One page for weekly photographs and updates of your child’s week in school.

Year Two meeting reminder!

Just to remind  all Year Two parents  that there is an ‘Introduction to Year Two’  meeting on Wednesday 16th September at 2.50pm. The meeting will take place in the Key Stage One area.

Key Stage One parents meetings!

Just a reminder that there will be meetings  for Key Stage One parents over the next few weeks.

Year One- 10th September 2015 at 2.30pm

Year Two- 16th September 2015 at 2.50pm

During these meetings you will find out about the school day, the curriculum for the current year and  meet all staff who work with your children.

Please try to attend these meetings as you will  receive valuable  information relating to how you can support your child’s learning this year.

Please remember to look at the Key Stage One page, you will  find photographs from the first week back!

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