School of Sanctuary

What is a School of Sanctuary?


A School of Sanctuary is a school which is committed to being a safe and welcoming place for those seeking sanctuary.

It is a place for those whose lives were in danger in their own country, who have troubles at home or are just looking for a place where they feel safe.

It is a school which helps its pupils, staff and wider community understand what it is like to seek sanctuary.

It is a place which extends a warm welcome to all and values everyone as being equal, valued members of the school community.

It is a school which is proud to be a place of safety and inclusion for all.




A School of Sanctuary is a school that helps its pupils, staff and wider community understand what it means to be seeking sanctuary and to extend a welcome to everyone as equal, valued members of the school community. It is a school that is proud to be a place of safety and inclusion for all.


Schools of Sanctuary is a growing network with more than 350 primary and secondary schools all committed to supporting the thousands of young people seeking sanctuary in the UK, creating a culture of welcome, and raising awareness of the issues faced by refugees and asylum seekers.


Refugee Week 17th – 23rd June 2024 – Our Home

The theme for Refugee Week 2024 is “Our Home”. From the places we gather to share meals to our collective home, planet earth: everyone is invited to celebrate what our Our Home means to them.

Home can be a place of refuge, a feeling or a state of mind. It can be found in smells, tastes and sounds. From the clothes we wear to the words we grew up with. It’s in food, music and arts. It’s in our cultures and in our landscapes.


Simple Acts are everyday actions we can all do to stand with refugees and make new connections in our communities.

This year we will build an event or an activity around a Simple Act. Together, we can  take small steps to create a big change, to make a difference.

We can:

discover a story

share a meal

play together

care for our school community…

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Refugee Week 19-25th June 2023 – Compassion

The theme for Refugee week this year is Compassion.

Each year on 20 June, the world celebrates the strength and courage of people who have been forced to flee their home country to escape conflict or persecution.

The 2023 theme of World Refugee Day is “hope away from home.”

Two girls sitting at a desk in a classroom. On the left, a text reads "Hope away from home".


Refugee Week 20th – 26th June 2022 – Healing

The theme for this week is Healing.

Refugee Week 2022 will be a celebration of community, mutual care, and the human ability to start again. We must look after ourselves and each other at difficult times.

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Refugee Week 14th – 20th June 2021 – We Cannot Walk Alone

This year Refugee Week will be held from 14th-20th June 2021.

The theme of Refugee Week 2021, ‘We Cannot Walk Alone’, is an invitation to extend your hand to someone new.


“Reach out to the people you don’t know. Find the unfamiliar, hold out your hand… 


Refugee Week takes place every year across the world in the week around World Refugee Day on the 20 June.

In the UK, Refugee Week is a nationwide programme of arts, cultural and educational events that celebrate the contribution of refugees to the UK, and encourages a better understanding between communities.


This week the children will learn what life may be like for a refugee.

That refugees are real people, just like us who we can welcome.

That God is three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


This poem was inspired by some of the children in our school who have, at some point in their lives, been troubled or encountered hardship. The thoughts and actions of others towards these children have convinced us that Christ exists in our school and in each and every one of us. ‘David’ represents any child who has ever needed the help and support of another. Those who helped him, allowed us to see that Christ is in us all – we simply need to show him from time to time.


“The life of each of us has an influence on others.”

(Book of Wisdom – Old Testament)


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