Mission Statement


Our mission is to develop a Christ centred community which recognises Christ’s love in every person and reflects the gospel values in everything that we do.


We are a Catholic school; one family

 living and learning together in faith.

Children’s Mission Statement

Our aim is to

1. Provide a safe, caring environment where we share strong, positive relationships and have respect for ourselves and others.

To achieve this aim the school will;

  • Ensure that the school provides a safe and secure environment for all
  • Through our own example, enhance pupils self-esteem, self-respect and respect for others
  • Deliver a strong PHSE curriculum to support the children’s social and emotional development
  • Develop playground buddies and sport leaders with the children to support positive relationships at playtime
  • Ensure staff implement consistently the schools behaviour leadership policy and the 12 key behaviour management strategies
  • Work with the children and school community to embed the school code of conduct
  • Provide the children with opportunities to express feelings, thoughts and concerns and develop strategies to resolve issues positively and respectfully
  • Invite parents into school to share in celebrations, assemblies and social events

2. Educate our children within our Catholic faith, fostering an awareness of oneself as a member of a family, school, parish and our wider community.

To achieve this aim the school will;

  • Value all children as unique
  • Celebrate together an act of collective worship each day and develop prayer life of the school enabling the children to pray in a variety of ways
  • Follow the “Come and See” syllabus and give 10% of curriculum time to Religious Education
  • Monitor and assess pupils progress within religious education, to ensure effective learning and celebrate growth and achievement and to enable further progress
  • Celebrate whole school assemblies through the liturgical year
  • Provide opportunities for the spiritual, emotional and moral development of all children
  • Develop parish and wider community links to ensure that children experience a sense of belonging to the school, parish and wider community
  • Co-operate fully with the parishes of St Anthony’s, St Sylvester’s and Our Lady of Reconciliation.
  • Support our parishes in the sacramental preparation programme “With You Always”
  • Support children in living out our school code of conduct
  • Offer equal opportunities to all and promote racial tolerance
  • Be involved in the initiatives and developments of the local community
  • Work with all outside agencies to promote the health, emotional, environmental and social needs of our community
  • Promote understanding of citizenship, religious diversity and equality
  • Support and respect pupils and families with different religious beliefs.
  • Promote an understanding of global issues, especially third world poverty
  • Take part in charitable events and fundraising so that the children understand that we can all contribute positively and help others around us.
  • Foster strong links and positive relationships with our sister primary schools (Holy Cross and Trinity) and with Notre Dame Catholic College, our feeder secondary school.

3. Raise standards and set high expectations for the personal development and  academic potential of all.

To achieve this aim the school will;

  • Deliver the national curriculum and develop a whole staff approach to the teaching of all subjects
  • Develop a whole staff approach to achieving the aims of our school improvement plan
  • Raise standards by providing high quality and challenging teaching and learning opportunities within the curriculum to meet pupils needs
  • Regularly monitor, evaluate and assess pupil progress and attainment
  • Give high priority to the development of basic skills in English and Mathematics
  • Support pupils with special educational needs and disability by means of the school provision map, differentiated work, individual support plans, intervention strategies and external support when needed.
  • Challenge and support our more able pupils
  • Provide relevant homework
  • Provide individual targets for our children and share and review these with them and their parents
  • Offer a range of extra-curricular activities
  • Provide additional support for the personal development and emotional wellbeing of our pupils when appropriate
  • Ensure that all parents/carers and visitors are made welcome
  • Keep parents/guardians informed about their child’s progress through open nights, meetings, and target sharing through written reports
  • Provide parents/guardians with regular newsletters and seek their views

4. Encourage and support each child so that they develop the skills to become an integral member of our society today and in the future.

To achieve this aim the school will;

  • Provide a wide range of experiences in school, and organise school visits to encourage learning and cultural, environmental and social awareness in our children
  • Seek the views of our children through discussion, evaluation and through pupil groups such as the school council, Eco council and chaplaincy groups.
  • Engage in local events and initiatives which will shape the local environment and community of the future
  • Ensure that its curriculum provides children with the skills that they will require to be active members of the workplace and responsible members of a future society.
  • Ensure that the children have access to the most current technology so that they become lifelong learners who are prepared for the next stage of their education.
  • Raise awareness of the opportunities that are available to all children so that they can set high expectations for themselves and their future aspirations.

OLI  Family Values

  • Respect ourselves, others and our school
  • Work hard at everything we do
  • Do our best and never give up
  • Welcome others with a smile
  • Recognise achievement and celebrate success
  • Show we care by listening to each other

What OFSTED said about us:

“The School provides…

…a good all round education for it’s pupils and serves it’s community very well.

…Pupils make good progress because of their good attitudes to learning and in response to good teaching.

…The school provides a very caring working environment, which is well supervised. The Headteacher and staff have very good knowledge of pupils and give them very good personal support and guidance.”



The Children’s Mission Statement


In June 2017 the Chaplaincy group and the School Council led on the development of the pupil’s own Mission Statement. Over a number of weeks they met and decided upon how they could live it out sharing the Gospel message of Jesus.


We are a Catholic school; one family living and learning together in faith.


How do we provide a safe caring environment?

Regardless of your age, language or religion you can still live by the Ten Commandments; and our school mission statement. Taking part and leading school collective worship is a great way to follow in the steps of Jesus and spread the word. One of our pupils believes we should have the school logo on our uniform, for example on the pullovers and school cardigans so we can be recognised outside of school as part of the OLI family. When new children join our school we should instantly make them feel a part of our school family and God’s family .When having collective worships as a class we should use other areas around the school, like the oratory, the prayer garden and even within our classrooms.


Educate our children within our Catholic faith, fostering an awareness of oneself as a member of a family, school, parish and our wider community

We should always give support to everyone regardless of where they are from. We can also support people in need by donating to charities, such as The Whitechapel Centre, or any shelter for the homeless. We should make more of an effort to invite more members of our local parish to our school celebrations.  We have some excellent assemblies – it would be nice if we could invite members of the community to some of these. Every child should have equal opportunities no matter what their religion is or where their previous home was. They should aim to join as many school clubs as possible, such as: dance, guitar, football, running, rugby and many more. Raise standards and have high expectations for everyone.


Raise standards and set high expectations for the personal development and academic potential of all

Never doubt yourself, always give yourself new challenges. Don’t focus on the things you cannot do but be proud of what you can do. Have belief in yourself at all times and celebrate your achievements. If you fail, keep trying until you succeed. Congratulate others’ achievments, even if you don’t succeed. Help others with their work if they don’t understand something. Don’t live in regret and learn from your mistakes. If you fail there is always tomorrow to try again. Don’t stay in your comfort zone but take risks while doing work? Be confident…be different…be a leader not a follower. Prove people wrong and show them your true potential. Don’t listen to people who judge you but carry on having a good day. Let people be themselves. The world would be a boring place if everyone was the same. Engage in your community!


Encourage and support each child so that they develop the skills to be an integral member of our society today and in the future

Help your classmates to learn new things that could be helpful in the future. Take advantage of all opportunities school offers you. School has lots of groups – take advantage! Focus on the positive side of life and not the negative. Get involved in the school council, chaplaincy group and help make some important decisions. Leave behind a legacy.

Take opportunities to help improve our school community. Welcome new people who join our school. A simple smile goes a long way and can make someone’s day. It could be just what they needed! Help people to become part of our school family.

Don’t judge people by what they look like or what religion they are. We all have talents – look for them. We aim to give everyone the chance at being a leader – we don’t always choose the same people. Listen to people’s ideas and compliment them – it could lead to true friendship. The small things often lead to big changes so take a chance.

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