Christmas Newsletter 2022

Safeguarding concerns

9th November 2022

Dear Key stage 2 parents

This week has been especially difficult at home time on the KS2 yard due to the change in the weather and the start of the darker nights which have made visibility difficult.

Staff and I had some safeguarding concerns ensuring that all children were handed over safely to parents especially as some parents don’t come onto the playground but stand at the railings or remain in their cars. For staff on the gate it has also been especially difficult to monitor that these children have reached their parent safely.

We have therefore decided to review our end of day procedures in order to safeguard your children.

Moving forward from Thursday 10th November the procedure for home time dismissal at 3.20pm will be;

  • Children from years 3 and 4 will be dismissed from the gym from separate doors.
  • The children will be in their class lines and will be handed over directly to their parent /carer at the hall door. Not only will this be easier to manage but it will also reduce the number of children on the KS2 yard.


  • Year 5 and Year 6 will still be dismissed from the playground however we need all parents to come onto the playground so that all children can be handed over directly to a parent or carer.
  • If parents could stand beyond the umbrella this will give staff and children the space to line up and dismiss the children safely.
  • The children will line up with their teacher and the teacher will dismiss each child directly to their parent /carer on the yard.
  • Please don’t call the child away from the line before the teacher has lined the children up and identified their parent/carer is there. This is to ensure that your child is sent safely home.

On another matter I have received several complaints from families and local residents due to parents parking on the zig zag lines outside the school gate. This causes an obstruction which can be very dangerous especially when children are trying to cross the road with their parents. Can I ask parents to park safely away from the school gate as it is putting the children at risk and could result in a serious accident?

I would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation as I’m sure you would agree that the safety of your children is paramount.

Mrs Catherine Sergeant


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