Cross Country – 22nd September 2015 at Newsham Park

The second cross country event in the calendar was held at Newsham Park this evening, with OLI fielding a boys and girls team once again. Eryk showed that last weeks 27th place finish was no fluke, with a 6 place improvement, finishing in 21st. First through for the girls was Eve, improving by 15 places, in 63rd place.

Well done to first timers James and Harriet, who raced very well considering they are 1 year younger than most of the competition. The third event will be held at Stanley Park next week.


Eryk Kowara: 21st

Lucas O’Brien: 60th

Sean Harris: 69th

James Wamulo: 70th


Eve Power: 63rd

Alexis Crieta: 78th

Paige Critchley: 79th

Akasha Low Koan: 87th

Harriet Guy: 88th

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