Our Lady Immaculate Curriculum

Our Lady Immaculate Curriculum


At Our Lady Immaculate we have worked closely with our children, parents, staff and governors, to ensure that our curriculum is designed with the intent that each child will acquire the skills required to become a successful learner. Our motto is ‘one family living and learning together in faith’.

We ensure that every child has access to a broad, balanced and supportive curriculum. Through this we are able to give our pupils a range of opportunities and experiences to grow and develop academically, physically socially and morally. The core learning values below underpin our Catholic education and enable learners to be ready for the next stage of their education. 

Our Lady Immaculate Core Learning Values 

  • A strong sense of self 

  • High levels of resilience 

  • A positive can-do attitude 

  • A strong sense of their own faith, respect and understanding towards the faith of others 

As a school we recognise that academic achievement is important and we want every child to achieve their very best. Our curriculum is designed to provide all children with the opportunities and experiences that they need in order to develop positive dispositions, attitudes and language skills to be able to succeed as learners throughout Early Years, Key Stage One, Key Stage Two and in life. Through a varied, inclusive and engaging curriculum we aim to inspire and develop the child as; an individual; a member of our community and a global citizen in a rapidly changing world. Highly effective relationships with adults in a stimulating and communication rich environment provides the perfect conditions for our children to flourish.   


The curriculum we teach is built around the National Curriculum programmes of study and aims. As a Catholic school, we also teach the ‘Come and See’ Religious Education Programme as well as SRE programme ‘Journey of Love’.

All National Curriculum subjects are carefully planned, structured and sequenced to ensure progression across units of work and across year groups or key stages. It is structured to help pupils remember long term the content that they have been taught and pupils are encouraged to integrate this new knowledge into larger areas. It is rooted, and has grown from, a solid agreement between all subject leaders about the knowledge and skills that our pupils will need in order to ensure that they develop resilience; growing and developing academically, physically, socially and morally. 

Through a curriculum that is both stimulating and challenging, we develop curiosity about the world around them and enable children to grow and develop; becoming independent, active learners.

Throughout all areas of the curriculum, reading is prioritised.  Key vocabulary for all subjects is prominent on working walls and children’s work. Children are given access to a range of age appropriate texts across all subject areas. There is a sharp focus on phonics for our younger pupils and a programme of support is in place for any older children who may need additional help, these may be SEND, EAL or new to country.

A range of after school activities and additional experiences such as; fieldwork, educational visits and visitors to school, ensure that both enjoyment and learning are enhanced.


Children’s progress is carefully monitored through appropriate assessment and where children are found to need additional support, we have a variety of interventions to help them. Our staff at OLI work hard, and are incredibly proud of our stimulating and progressive curriculum that meets the needs of all of our pupils.

Click on the links below for the long term curriculum plan for each year group. You may also like to visit each subject specific page for a more detailed overview of each subject. 

EYFS 2 year olds room Long Term Plan 2023-2024.docx

EYFS Nursery Long Term Curriculum Overview 2023-2024

EYFS Reception Long Term Curriculum Overview 2023-2024

Year 1 Long Term Curriculum Overview 2023-2024

Year 2 Long Term Curriculum Overview 2023-2024

Year 3 Long Term Curriculum Overview 2023-2024

Year 4 Long Term Curriculum Overview 2023-2024

Year 5 Long Term Curriculum Overview 2023-2024

Year 6 Long Term Curriculum Overview 2023-2024

If you require more information, please contact your child’s class teacher or speak to Miss M Gallagher our Curriculum Leader. 

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