Year 5 and 6 trip to the Welsh Mountain Zoo

Our pupils had a wonderful day at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, today, looking around the enclosures and learning lots about the different animals through talks from the experts. All the children were very well behaved and were a credit to their parents once again.

IMG_2061 IMG_2062 IMG_2060 IMG_2059 IMG_2058 IMG_2057 IMG_2056 IMG_2055 IMG_2054 IMG_2053 IMG_2052 IMG_2051 IMG_2049 IMG_2048 IMG_2047 IMG_2046 IMG_2045 IMG_2044 IMG_2042 IMG_2041 IMG_2040 IMG_2039 IMG_2037 IMG_2036 IMG_2035 IMG_2033 IMG_2032 IMG_2028 IMG_2027 IMG_2026 IMG_2025 IMG_2022 IMG_2021 IMG_2018 IMG_2019 IMG_2015 IMG_2012 IMG_2007 IMG_2006 IMG_2005 IMG_2004 IMG_2003 IMG_1999

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