World Book Day 2021

This year’s World Book Day is on Thursday 4th March. It is of course is very different, like most other things this year, however this won’t stop us celebrating it and just enjoying what it’s all about – reading!
If you take a look on each year groups tabs in the’ Home Learning Portal’, you will find all sorts of resources and links to make World Book Day and the whole of this last week at home a great one.
There are suggestions with a timetable of things to do throughout the day, links to great websites and resources you can instantly download and don’t forget to join in with our ‘Masked Reader’ clues each day !
On World Book Day itself, Liverpool as a city are joining in with lots of others across the country to ‘Drop Everything and Read’ at 10 o’clock. So, whatever you are doing, it’ll be a great time to stop and just read, knowing you are doing so with those in school and all across the land.
Drop Everything and Read is a great way to create fun and excitement around reading for pleasure. It sends a message that reading for pleasure is important, and something everyone should make time for.

The World Book Day website : has lots of ideas and are very mindful that most children will be at home this year, here are some of the features of the website:
World Book Day Master classes ,
Audio stories available right across school ,
Share a story live events 3rd – 5th March at 10.30 every day
Share a story Corner : For EYFS and KS1
Competitions for your own families can be found here
Recommended reading lists

Oak national Academy also have a ‘Virtual’ School Library with various authors reading their books and inspiring children to read.

These are just a few of the resources available- check out our your child’s Home Learning Portal tab and you will find lots more.
Above all just join in and enjoy what is a very unique celebration of books and reading around the world !

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