KS2 Swimming Gala Success!!

This morning’s competition was held at Wavertree Aquatics Centre, with a number of schools from the North and Central areas of the City. Competing in the large schools event, we faced a number of very local schools including The Trinity and St. Johns.

Every member of the team swam brilliantly, trying their very best to finish in the best positions possible.


Backstroke: Sean 2nd, Jacob 7th, Tilly 2nd and Ebonie 4th.

Breaststroke: Kian 3rd, Sean 2nd, Ebonie 4th and Eve 1st.

Relay Medley: Boys 2nd and Girls 2nd.

Butterfly: Sean 3rd, Mikey 2nd, Tilly 4th and Eve 4th.

Front Crawl: Mikey 2nd, Patrick 1st, Holly 1st and Tilly 1st.

Front Crawl Relay: Boys 4th and Girls 4th.

After the results were worked out, it was announced that we finished 2nd in both the boys and girls event overall. This means that they have both qualified for the City Finals next week, with the chance to represent Liverpool at the Merseyside Summer Games in July.

Overall Results:


1st – Emmaus

2nd – OLI

3rd – The Trinity


1st – St. Francis de Sales

2nd – OLI

3rd – Emmaus


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