KS1 Virtual Sports Competition

All pupils in KS1 have been taking part in a sports competition this month. First, they are competing against each other (Level 1 competition) to see who is the best at balancing, bouncing, catching, launching, pitching, striking and skipping. Each child receives a total scores for all of the above skills combined.

These scores are then sent off to the Liverpool School Sports Partnership, who takes in results from all participating schools across Liverpool (Level 2 competition). Then, individual and school winners will be announced.

We have four individual winners from each of our KS1 classes:

Mrs Bowcock’s class: Aaliyah = 117

Mrs McCarty’s class: Luke = 82

Miss Hughes’ class: Evie = 102

Miss Kennedy’s class: Tope = 104

Click the link below to see the full results.

LSSP KS1 Virtual Competition Results OLI

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