Internet Safety Day!

OLI had a really successful Internet Safety Day on February 9th. All
classes learnt about internet safety and the importance of staying safe
on line. We talked about a variety of media which we could access and
looked at the potential dangers on line. We are learning all about how
to report internet safety incidents and who to report them to.

Our UKS2 children completed an anonymous questionnaire about Internet
Safety and the results were really interesting. Details will be shared
with parents over the next week.

Our Internet Safety Poster Competition was really effective in making
the children in all year groups aware of safety on line. The standard of
entries was really high and made the judges work really hard. The
winners enjoyed fabulous prizes including robots and head phones.

The judges were Mrs Finnegan & Mrs O’Leary, Miss Adamson (ICT Governor)
and Mrs Gallagher. They chose the winners based on strict criteria of:
1. It included the message: Play your part for a better internet day.
2. The posters showed us a clear message about the dangers of the
3. The posters were eye catching to all.

The winners were:

1. Grace (Miss Kennedy’s class) – prize robot
2. Evie (Miss Gallagher’s class) – prize was a robot.
3. Mrs Guy’s Reception Class for a whole class poster which is displayed
in EYFS – prize was a robot.
4. Fatima (Miss Gallagher’s Class) – prize robot.
5. Harriet (5 Mr Cotton’s class) – prize was head set with
attached microphone.

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