e-Cadets: Kids Keeping Kids Safe Online

Dear Parents and Carers

Today we will be launching a new E-Safety Programme of Study to increase our knowledge and education of internet safety. The DfE Guidance on Internet Safety : Keeping Children Safe in Education (live from 5 September 2016) says:
“All schools will be required to put in place strengthened measures to protect children from harm online, including cyber bullying.” Governors and heads have to ensure children learn about online safeguarding. This means going beyond an assembly but embedding into classroom and PHSE.

As such, we will launch a programme called E-Cadets where  the children are empowered to pass on their internet safety knowledge through set programmes of learning. We will be electing 2 e-cadets from each class who will be internet safety focal points and will work closely with the School Council to reach out to all children to learn about the ever changing internet safety world.


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