Boys’ Football Match vs. Rice Lane

Many thanks to the boys who took part in a friendly match today against city champions Rice Lane. Rice Lane have put together an excellent side that saw them win both the league and the cup this year. Our boys fought very well but ultimately lost 5-1. Here’s a quick run-through of what the boys have to be proud of.

Kamil Skop – Excellent saves throughout the game keeping the first half very close for a long time.

Ruben McNeil – Playing through injury to keep the defence in check.

Francis Westhead – Fearless tackling and leading the back line for the whole game.

Daniel Smith – Limiting the right wing’s effectiveness with excellent tackling and movement.

Jake Jones – Playing an excellent second half to reduce the Rice Lane lead.

Joe McFarlane-Wells – Playing out of position and still being an extremely effective leader in midfield.

Scott Tynan – A wonderful debut; Scott looked right at home playing at this high standard.

Luke Buckley – Playing like he belongs on the pitch despite being a year younger than the other boys.

Billy Smith – A dead ball specialist, Billy’s corner set up our goal.

Dylan O’Brien – Leading the team with wonderful communication.

Zac Abbou (MOTM) – Working tirelessly in attack and scoring a great goal.

Thanks to the boys again for playing, their sportsmanship was great. Special credit goes to Joe for making Mr. Fairclough and Miss. Topping look for his lost bag for 20 minutes before realising he’d left it in school.

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