Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics @ North Liverpool Academy

Monday 9th November 2015

An exciting afternoon of athletics took place at North Liverpool Academy today, with our team pitted against St. Cuthbert’s, St. Theresa’s and Whitfield in the second of six heats in the North Liverpool competition.

Never once coming last, our team raced, jumped and threw brilliantly all afternoon, posting some impressive scores and scintillating team displays! Unfortunately that wasn’t even to see us through to the next round of the competition, but all pupils, who supported and cheered each other on, can be proud of their efforts.


1st St. Cuthbert’s

2nd St. Theresa’s

3rd OLI

4th Whitefield

4 x 1 lap over and under relay:

Harriet, Alexis, Madison and Eve (2nd)

Lucas, Kian, Eryk and Joel (1st)

Standing Long Jump:

Mkenzie (1.52m), Isabel (1.68m), James (1.7m) and Sonny (1.64m)

Standing Triple Jump:

Madison, Eve (4.02m), James (5.7m) and Sonny (4.2m)

Vertical Jump:

Katie, Madison, Mikey (102cm) and Derry (89cm)

1 lap race:

Mkenzie (3rd), Isabel (3rd), Derry (3rd) and Eryk (2nd)

2 lap race:

Eve (3rd), Alexis (1st), Lucas (1st), Sean (3rd)

6 lap paarlauf relay race:

Alexis and Akasha (3rd), Joel and Eryk (2nd)

4 x 1 lap relay race:

Madison, Mkenzie, Isabel and Akasha (2nd)

Eryk, Joel, Lucas and Derry (3rd)

Chest push:

Isabel (8.5m), Akasha (11m), Sean (10m) and Mikey.


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