Professor Fluffy Trip – Year 5

The children firstly met 6 students on arrival at Liverpool University who shared some information about themselves including what they were studying. One of the students went through a PowerPoint presentation which explained a lot about the university and student life. The children saw a map of the campus, met professor fluffy, what courses were available and what facilities were on site. 
The children then took part in an engineering activity were the children had to make a boat using tim foil. The teams then put their boat into a bucket of water and added marbles one by one. The team with the winning boat held 52 marbles – The Monkey Team (Evie, Shannon and Olivia). In Miss Gilchrist’s class the winning boat held an amazing 150 marbles!! This boat was constructed by Bobby, Dylan and Oliver – the boat was named SS Annihilator.

The children then participated in a construction activity where they had to build a tower out of newspaper and cell tape. The tallest, standing tower would be the winning tower. The children worked extremely well in teams of 6. The winning team was Tilly,  Reece L, Ruben, Evie, Antony, Paige and Emily. In Miss Gilchrist’s class the winning team was Bobby, Georgie, Scott, Joel, Liam and Dylan. 

The children then selected key parts of the campus to view. We looked around the sports centre, the student guild and the engineering building. The children were fascinated looking at the simulators, 3D printer and the formula 1 cars the Liverpool University students designed. 

Pupil comments…

Daniel – my favourite part of the day was when we went on a tour of the sports centre. I liked looking at the swimming pool and I learnt a very interesting fact; that Team GB swam in that pool when training. 

Harrison – I enjoyed today because I really liked taking part in the boat experiment, it was nice practicing and thinking for myself as well as working as a team.

Holly – I thought it was really fun when we got to build a boat out of tin foil. I managed to get 5 marbles in my boat but it was really fun!

Ella – looking around the sports centre was really interesting because we got to see all of the facilities they have to offer. 

Yusra – I really enjoyed this trip because it’s proved to me how hard I need to work to get into a good University and it’s inspired me to work even harder. 

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