Confidence in spelling allows children to write freely and imaginatively using patterns and making connections to words they know . We know it is really important that children enjoy their spelling tasks and games so we try lots of different activities to keep our lessons fun and interesting .

In spelling we know our children learn by ; Saying it , seeing it , writing/drawing it, listening to it and doing it to aim towards gaining a mastery of the words, therefore we make sure we have variety of games and tasks to ensure the learning sticks !

Here  are a few images of some of the activities our children participate in during their spelling sessions.

647 IMG_1263 IMG_0801 IMG_0803 IMG_0805

IMG_1270IMG_0943  IMG_1260 IMG_1261  IMG_1262 IMG_2236[1] IMG_0798 IMG_0942  IMG_1264 IMG_1265IMG_1268IMG_0944 IMG_1266  IMG_1267   IMG_1269

Please click on the link below to give an overview of the specific spellings that will be taught in each year group.



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