Grammar , Punctuation and Spelling

We use ‘Collins Connect‘ to help us teach our GPS throughout school. This is a systematic teaching and learning resource which is highly engaging and encourages discussion and problem solving .It provides lots of interactive activities that work well for teaching the whole class and supports independent learning , challenge and homework.

Links below  give an overview of the specific features which are part of the programme of study.


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Some great on line sites for you to try !

A key stage 2  fun and spooky game to learn about using correct punctuation in sentences.

A short game to help children understand where commas might go .

Lots of fun phonic games on this BBC website

A KS2  Bite size BBC website looking at different aspects of spelling and grammar .

Fish ‘Em Up!
Are you ready to fishing for words? Use fishing rods to catch the correct words in the water. Do you need to double the consonant or change the Y? You’ll find out if you Fish ‘Em Up.

Catch that horse -An adventure built by giving clues at the end of each task .

Catch that thief-Another adventure built by giving clues at the end of each task .

An easily edited Look, say ,cover , write check activity .

A prefix game looking at what each prefix actually  means.

A drag and drop activity on the use of apostrophes in contractions.

A great  resource for looking at alternatives to the word ‘said’ in written work. Useful for teaching speech marks.

A great site for covering what nouns are and how they should be used. Best used in full-screen mode.

Create the star of your show by choosing a noun, adjective and verb in this interactive parts of speech activity.

A drag and drop activity where you have to drag suitable adjectives into the spaces in a text.


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