Inspiring Writers

Michael Rosen

Over fifty children from across Key Stage two went along to the Philharmonic Hall to watch and meet Michael Rosen performing some of his best known poems and stories .

The children had a great time and came back as some of his biggest fans !

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Saviour Pirotta – Our school Reading and Writing Ambassador


The Panto’ comes to OLI (Oh yes it did !)

 After their success last year , M and M productions came to school again,  this time with the story of Beauty and the Beast . The children were enthralled from the moment it started , right to the end. They joined in the action , songs and even some of the dancing , not forgetting the Panto’ classics like “He’s behind you” and “Oh yes we are ! ”

The children couldn’t wait to tell us what they thought of it :

“That was the best show ever !”

“That was better than the film “

“That was brilliant x10 ! “

“I was a bit scared when he said RRRRRR !”

“Can we see another one ?”

This visit by the theatre group gave all of our children the opportunity to see a live performance . Well done to M and M productions , we can’t wait to see you again !



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