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These are the brand new books recommended by the Book Trust for November

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Tricky Biscuits by Bob Wilson, I liked this book because it was a play. The characters were Miss Bell, Milly, Akbar, Josh, William and Katie. The play is about some children who are making biscuits in school in different shapes. My favourite part is when Milly does a magic trick to make her biscuit disappear but really she ate it! By Liam, Year 3.

Care of Henry by Anne Fine, We really liked this book. Its about a boy called Hugo who’s mum is having a baby and he has to decide who he will stay with while his mum is in hospital but the problem is Henry is a dog and not everyone wants him to stay. There are lots of characters with Hugo and Henry, like mum, Gran, Uncle Jack and Mrs Mariposa who sings while she cleans! You will like this book, read it and find out who Hugo decides to stay with. By Gabriella and Evie, Year 3.

Ever After High-Once Upon a Time , I love everyone of the characters in this book-Raven Queen, Maddie, Apple, Briar, Hunter and Cupid. All of the fairytale characters you know have sons and daughters and they all go to Ever After High school. They have to sign the story book of legends to follow their parents footsteps. It’s really funny and I recommend you give it a try. By Ella-Grace, Year 3.

Scary Creatures, Spiders and Mini beasts by Penny Clerk and Mark Sergin, I really like this book because it’s about animals and I really like animals. I learnt that spiders eat flies and insects but the scariest bit is that they poison people! That’s why it’s called scary creatures. Alicja, Year 3.

Alien adventures by Tim Little, There are lots of characters in these books including Max, Cat, Tiger, Nok, Seven and Badlaw and his Kroobs, some are goodies and some are baddies. The stories are all about friends who found a silver box. When they opened it they discovered it was actually a space ship but really small. They found some watches that can turn them to a micro size so they can fit on the ship they found in the silver box. The team go on lots of adventures so I recommend you read one of them – Watch out though when you have read one you’ll want to read lots! By Daniel and Reece, Year 3.

Frozen by Barbara Jeankicks, This story is about two sisters called Elsa and Anna. Elsa has ice powers but she has to keep them a secret. The other characters include Olaf, Sven, Prince Hans and Kristalph. My favourite part is when they get back together and their love saves them. By Ieva, Annie and Macey, Year 3.

Little Miss Collection by Roger Hargreaves, I recommend these books because there are lots of stories so they are very interesting, enjoyable and they make you smile. Some of the characters featured in the books include Little Miss Trouble, Little Miss Princess, The Three Little Misses and lots more. My favourite book is Little miss Stubborn and the Unicorn because it sends an important message about believing or disbelieving what people say, always keep an open mind- they could be telling the truth! By Mia, Year 3.

Barry Loser by Jim Smith, Barry Loser is a very good book. I recommend reading it because it’s funny and a great book for kids. There are nine characters and some are Barry Loser, Bunky Granny, Harumpadunk, Darren Darrenofski and Agatha Parrot. This book is about Barry getting bullied by Darren Darrenofski and what happens when he goes to school. By Annie-Mai, Year 4.

The Lion the witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis, I recommend that you read this book because it is very exciting. It starts really slowly but takes you on an adventure. When you read this book you will be a different person. By Aiden, Year 4.

The Diary of a Wimpy kid by Jeff Kinney, I recommend this book because it’s funny and the pictures are very good. The book is about a young boy called Greg Heffley, it’s all about his life and his time in middle school. That’s a lot harder than it sounds because he’s got an enemy called Patty Farrell so it leaves you asking ‘Will Greg ever make it out of school alive?’ Read on and find out! By Katie, Year 4.

Minecraft , I recommend that you should read these books because they are about Minecraft. They are interesting to read and make you better at the game. By Aaron, Year 4.

George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl, I really like this book. It’s funny the way George puts all the things into Grandma’s medicine and then she blows up! Then he goes and feeds it to dad’s chickens, you just can’t imagine what happens next. You’ll have to read it! By Harriet Year 4.

Cat in the Hat by Dr Zeuss, I recommend you read this book because it has lots of details and things you have never even heard of. It is funny and interesting and colourful. By Erin, Year 4.

Little Manfred by Michael Morpurgo, I loved reading this book, I can’t give too much away because I would spoil it but there are many mysteries throughout the story. Why was mum was so upset when dad stood on a wooden dog called Manfred and why did an elderly man with a strange accent seem to know so much about the area, the farm and even their mum? This story will grip you right from the start, read it to find out what happens. Mrs Burns.


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