Examples of Spanish at OLI

Children across Key Stage Two have a weekly 30 minute session delivered by our Foreign Language Assistant. These sessions develop the children’s Spanish skills through speaking, listening, reading and writing. This year we are introducing half termly booklets to support staff in delivering short follow up sessions each week based on the weekly session with our Foreign Language Assistant. These activities will support our assessment procedures and consolidate the learning of vocabulary taking place each week. We are constantly looking at ways in which we can further develop the range of activities completed in classes.

Children in Year 2 also have a regular 30 minute session, in order for us to begin equipping them with the vocabulary and skills for the compulsory Key Stage Two Curriculum. These sessions focus on speaking and listening through a range of games and activities.

The younger children in Foundation Stage and Year One over the coming term will begin regular short Spanish sessions led by their class teachers. We believe this early acquisition of language skills will lay firm foundations for a love of language learning and further language studies in the future.

Children enjoying a a Spanish session in Year Two. Flash cards are often used to support recall of key vocabulary in speaking and listening activities.

Children engage in physical activities to consolidate understanding of key vocabulary.

Year Six engaging in a range of activities during their weekly Spanish session.

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