Examples of history at OLI

Creative Writing Through History 

History week involved a creative writing focus throughout school. Year 1 and 2 were using their topic to complete writing activities including letters and instructions. Year 3 and 4 used their topic, ‘Ancient Greece’ to write stories and design brochures using MacBooks. Year 5 were looking at the history of British law makers and the creation of Britain’s first parliament. They wrote chronological reports and conducted research into the Magna Carta. Year 6 were learning about The Battle of Britain and wrote diary entries, letters and newspaper reports.



Black History Week

Every year we study and celebrate significant individuals for Black History week. The children focused on inspirational people, researched their achievements and produced work around them. We also take an art focus and put the best pieces of work on display. KS1 explored Alma Thomas’ art work and KS2 designed Kente cloths.



Focus Days

We have focus days across school to commemorate key times in history. We look at the Holocaust Memorial in January, Victorian day/topic days, International Women’s Day in March, Bonfire Night in November and Remembrance Day in November. Parents are invited to enjoy showcases of work at the end of some History topics and the children are proud to celebrate their work alongside their parents.

Remembrance Day

Every year we have some Veterans come into school to share their experiences with the children around the war and their role. They bring equipment to share with the children and allow the children to ask some questions. It is always a day enjoyed by all!  

History at OLI Summer 2021 

Merseyside police have launched a competition to promote significant people in terms of Black History. Here are some of the Year 5 posters produced which may be chosen to be featured on police vehicles in the coming months…


Here is a range of history activities our children have thoroughly enjoyed this term…

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