Examples of geography at OLI

Foundation stage have been so busy drawing their own maps of our school grounds. They have been thinking about where their class is positioned on the map and what is next to their class.

Year 3 and 4 have been busy drawing what they can see around them from a high viewpoint. We really do have the best view in the city!

Year 5-When finding out about distribution, the children enjoyed learning about the main exports across the world.

The children analysed a hunger map and explored food security across the world.


Year 2 have been really busy learning all about the seaside and locating seaside towns on a map of the United Kingdom. The children also learnt about the physical and human features of the seaside.

Lunt- As part of our map and fieldwork skills Key Stage Two were given the opportunity to visit Lunt and practice Map skills by making their own maps and learning outside of the classroom.

Examples of Geography across our school

Take a look at all of the exciting Geography that takes place in our school. As part of collaborative work with our partnership schools, we were given an opportunity to see what Geography looks like in every class across school, from the 2 year old provision all the way to Year 6.




Waste and Recycling Week.

What a fantastic week that we have had in school! We have all really taken onboard the importance of recycling and have started to ensure we do our own recycling within school and at home.

On Tuesday we had a school assembly and found out what actually goes within the recycle bin and other facts about where these waste products go.
Key Stage One designed posters with facts about recycling on and made puppets from recycled products.

Upper Key Stage Two have also made their own power points with facts about recycling to persuade others to do it. 


Annual Wildflower Sowing at Everton Park

Clean Sweep Project

Groups of pupils take part in a clean sweep project on the roads around the school so that they can earn tickets for Everton FC matches.

The project is in collaboration with local PCSOs, so that children can learn about the hazards of dropping litter as well as building relationships with local community service people.

Google Expeditions

Key Stage 2 children had lots of fun today, exploring places all around the world and beyond! Particular highlights included Brazil, Egypt, The Great Barrier Reef, Antarctica and even the moon! Liane from The Google Expeditions team brought a class set of smart phones and headsets for the children to have a virtual reality tour of these places. Eva from Year 5 loved the expeditions she went on and said, “I can hardly put into words how unbelievable it was. It was a once in a life time experience.”

Watch the video from the day to see how much the children enjoyed the experience!


IMG_1110  IMG_1111 IMG_1113 IMG_1114 IMG_1115

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