Examples of DT at OLI

You can take a look at our DT Curriculum on the Curriculum Map page. Here are some examples of DT a OLI.

Year 2 Hand Puppets

The Year 2 Children looked at existing puppets and created prototypes. They initially made finger puppets and used the Reception children for feedback about the products. They then decided to make larger hand puppets based on the feedback from the children and used sewing skills to create their puppets.

Year 6 Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Year 6 used ‘Sketch Up’ CAD program to explore, design and edit a product and visualise their concept through a 3D platform.
They explored the Lego brand and followed the history of it and how the company have used CAD to keep up with modern technology.
Their next steps are to create an innovative Lego brick and use this program to accurately bring their product to life with a 3D printer.

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