News from Ankoma!

We have just received some lovely letters through the post from our friends in Ankoma! The last time Year 6 wrote to them, they told them about sports day and how they were looking forward to going to Colomendy.

The children in Ankoma told us that it hasn’t rained there for 2 months and that they need it to rain desperately so the crops grow, for them to eat and sell. The money they then get will allow them to go to school.

They were also extremely happy with the gift of school pens and pin badges, with one child using the OLI pen to write us a letter. We will be writing our letters in reply very soon.

To have a look at some of the letters and pictures sent to us, see our Upper Key Stage Two page.

If you feel like you may be able to help the children in Ankoma in any way, please see their website. We will be looking at doing some more fundraising for them during Sport Relief next year, after successful donations of football kits last year.

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