KS2 New Age Kurling Competition – 10th February 2016

New Age Kurling is a very inclusive game, adapted from the Winter Sport of Kurling, where ‘stones’ are slid along the floor towards a target approximately 15metres away.

Our KS2 team, comprised of pupils from Year 3, 4 and 5 and the team had some practice sessions with Devon before the competition.

At the competition, the 8 children split into two teams of 4, with total points from each team’s fixtures added together to give an overall score for the school. After winning 4 matches and narrowly losing 4, our team scored a total of 25 points, meaning we finished in 4th place. The team performed brilliantly all afternoon, showing great sportsmanship, courage and teamwork skills to score highly in most games.


1st – St. Vincent de Paul – 33pts

2nd – Lister Juniors – 29pts

3rd – Longmoor – 26pts

4th – OLI – 25pts

5th – Kirkdale St. Lawrence – 20pts

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