An animated action song which young children can follow.

An animated version of the popular children’s song. Useful for helping children to count back from 5. Lyrics are provided.

Sing along with this jolly, animated song with lyrics which you can print out if required.

An animation of the song ‘This Old Man’ with the words.

This delightfully animated song is bound to be a favourite with young children. You can print out the lyrics too.

  An animated, interactive rhyming story about animals which young children can either listen to or read along with.

Children need to help Mr Tumble on his way to find his missing juggling ball. Click on his minibeast friends to hear their songs. The songs will be familiar to young children. This is a delightful, animated story from the BBC which includes Makaton signs.

Follow Ali on his magic carpet journey to different parts of the world! A delightful animated story.

An animated story about Mr Small by Roger Hargreaves.

A brilliantly animated story with text about Hairy Henry’s birthday with monster characters.

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