Boys Football vs St Mary’s West Derby – Thursday 9th February 2017

Congratulations to all the year 5 and 6 boys who represented our school in this week’s football match. Coming off the back of 2 hard-fought victories, the boys were confident in their teamwork and were looking forward to the game against St. Mary’s West Derby.

Conditions were extremely tough due to very cold temperatures, though the boys managed to keep their energy up, almost scoring inside 30 seconds! The game was end-to-end, with both teams coming very close to scoring. Unfortunately St. Mary’s managed to break through and finish well to go 1-0 up. 

OLI responded with fierce attacks, with Billy Smith linking up well with Zac Abbou. Ethan Duke was on fire down the left wing, almost scoring a sensation goal from a volley. Unfortunately none of these chances turned into goals and a 2nd goal was conceded just before half time. 

The 2nd half was a much tighter game, with speed slowing down due to the cold as well as fatigue. OLI showed a great attitude and didn’t let being 2-0 down worry them; a goal was within inches from a close-range effort from Joe McFarlane Wells. Just before full time, a 3rd goal was scored by St. Mary’s due to an unfortunate deflection. A harsh scoreline given the excellent effort of our defenders Ruben McNeil, Aiden Burns, Reece Mangan and Aaron Jacobs. Congratulations to an excellent St. Mary’s side who did a very good job of handling our more dangerous players.

MOTM: Ethan Duke, for working tirelessly to break through the defence. He showed a hunger for the ball and wasn’t affected by the tough conditions.

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