At Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School we believe that mathematics teaching should contribute to the acquisition of life-long skills and promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion.

Through our provision we want to enable children to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems, including those with real-life contexts.

Children should leave primary school with an efficient, reliable, compact written method of calculation for each operation; and have developed a range of mental calculations strategies, aided by informal jottings where necessary.

We aim to ensure that our pupils are confident in the fundamentals of mathematics and are able to reason mathematically.

Most importantly, we want our pupils to understand the importance of mathematical skills in everyday life.

In EYFS, children follow the Early Years Outcomes to develop their mathematical skills and understanding. All other year groups follow the Maths National Curriculum 2014.

All Year groups also follow the Maths Hub’s Mastery Plans; click on the documents below to see each year group’s overview:

Reception Mastery – Term-by-Term Overview

Year 1 Mastery – Term-by-Term Overview

Year 2 Mastery – Term-by-Term Overview

Year 3 Mastery – Term-by-Term Overview

Year 4 Mastery – Term-by-Term Overview

Year 5 Mastery – Term-by-Term Overview

Year 6 Mastery – Term-by-Term Overview

Family Maths Toolkit will support you and your child with our maths curriculum