Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School

UKS2 Summer 2021

Year 6 Summer Term

Year 6 have taken part in transition activities produced by CAMHS to help prepare them for secondary school.

Art- Blitz creations linked to Liverpool and our self portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo.



Hub time with our friends

History – WWII. Exploring and researching artefacts and presenting our findings.

Science- animals including humans. Year 6 explored the circulatory system and the effects of exercise on our hearts. They also had lots of fun making up blood and naming the components.

Mindfulness in school with Mrs Beattie

Year 5 Summer Term

PE – Year 5 enjoying playing Bench ball, developing some super attacking and defensive skills.


Paws B with Mrs Beattie and achieving their certificates for completing the course.


Music – learning to play Jazz on the glockenspiel with Miss Naylor.


Science – Various card sorting activities whilst learning about the Human Lifecycle.


Art Week – Year 5 focused on our key artist David Hockney and developed their skills of self portrait sketching significantly. The children creatively updated their sketchbooks with key work of his and analysed what they liked/disliked about it. They had a go at mirroring some of his work as well as using his techniques to draw their own self portrait. Congratulations to our winners James and Joseph Davis who won a fantastic art pack and are utilising the products already!

Spanish – The children have been learning Las banderas de los paises y los colores (country flags and colours) and Las nacionalidades (Nationalities) in their Spanish workbooks with Gina.


Making Father’s Day cards…


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