Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School

Approved by the Governing Body: Spring 2022
Date of review: Spring 2024
• To protect pupils, school personnel, visitors, buildings, grounds and equipment from damage, arson and theft.
• To provide a secure environment for pupils, school personnel and visitors to the school.
• To create a feeling of security awareness throughout the school community.
• To ensure parents feel confident that everything is being done to create a safe and secure learning environment for
their children.
• To work with other schools to share good practice in order to improve this policy.
Responsibility for the Policy and Procedure
Role of the Governing Body
The Governing Body has:
▪ appointed a Site Manager to put into practice school security measures;
▪ delegated powers and responsibilities to the Headteacher to oversee all school security measures;
▪ appointed a Security Committee composed of one governor, the Headteacher, Site Manager and a member of staff
to look at all aspects of school security;
▪ delegated powers and responsibilities to the Headteacher to ensure all school personnel and stakeholders are
aware of and comply with this policy;
▪ a duty to comply with all relevant legislation;
▪ responsibility for ensuring that the school complies with all equalities legislation;
▪ nominated a designated Equalities governor to ensure that appropriate action will be taken to deal with all prejudice
related incidents or incidents which are a breach of this policy;
▪ responsibility for ensuring funding is in place to support this policy;
▪ responsibility for ensuring this policy and all policies are maintained and updated regularly;
▪ responsibility for ensuring all policies are made available to parents;
▪ the responsibility of involving the School Council in the development, approval, implementation and review of this
▪ nominated a link governor for Health and Safety to visit the school regularly, to liaise with the Headteacher and the
coordinator and to report back to the Governing Body;
▪ responsibility for the effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of this policy
Role of the Headteacher
The Headteacher will:
▪ ensure all school personnel, pupils and parents are aware of and comply with this policy;
▪ work closely with governors and the Site Manager;
▪ provide leadership and vision in respect of equality;
▪ provide guidance, support and training to all staff;
▪ ensure that security measures are in place and are effective;
▪ ensure that all school personnel are aware of procedures;
▪ appoint new staff that are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau;
▪ monitor the effectiveness of this policy;
▪ annually report to the Governing Body on the success and development of this policy
Role of the Site Manager
The Site Manager will:
▪ lead the development of this policy throughout the school;
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Approved by the Governing Body: Spring 2022
Date of review: Spring 2024
▪ undertake an annual security audit;
▪ work closely with the Headteacher and the nominated governor;
▪ provide guidance and support to all staff;
▪ provide training for all staff on induction and when the need arises;
▪ keep up to date with new developments and resources;
▪ undertake risk assessments when required;
▪ review and monitor;
▪ annually report to the Governing Body on the success and development of this policy
Role of the Health and Safety Team
The Health and Safety Team will:
▪ monitor security procedures;
▪ undertake/coordinate security risk assessments;
▪ meets to discuss and review the Site Manager’s annual security audit;
▪ consider all suggested ideas from school personnel, governors, parents, pupils and visitors for improvement;
▪ inform parents of new and improved security measures
Role of School Personnel
All school personnel will:
▪ be aware of and abide by this policy;
▪ undertake appropriate training in security procedures;
▪ inform and remind pupils of security procedures such as the reporting of unidentified visitors who are on the school
▪ implement the school’s equalities policy and schemes;
▪ report and deal with all incidents of discrimination;
▪ attend appropriate training sessions on equality;
▪ report any concerns they have on any aspect of the school community
Role of Pupils
Pupils will:
▪ be aware of and comply with this policy;
▪ abide by all security measures that are in place;
▪ listen carefully to all instructions given by the teacher;
▪ ask for further help if they do not understand;
▪ treat others, their work and equipment with respect;
▪ support the school Code of Conduct and guidance necessary to ensure the smooth running of the school;
▪ liaise with the school council;
▪ take part in questionnaires and surveys
Role of the School Council
The School Council will be involved in:
▪ determining this policy with the Governing Body;
▪ discussing improvements to this policy during the school year;
▪ organise surveys to gauge the thoughts of all pupils;
▪ reviewing the effectiveness of this policy with the Governing Body
Security and Personal Safety Risk Assessment
The security and personal safety risk assessment with assess the school’s security arrangements and will be reviewed
regularly the Site Manager as part of the school risk assessment review process. Other risk assessments may also address
site security and safety. Any amendments or recommendations following this process will be presented to the Health
and Safety Committee for discussion and consideration.
The risk assessment should cover the following and should be reviewed annually:
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Approved by the Governing Body: Spring 2022
Date of review: Spring 2024
▪ pupil and school personnel inside and outside the school building
▪ playground safety
▪ entrances and exits
▪ evacuation procedures
▪ alarm systems
▪ fire safety
▪ flooding
▪ dealing with intruders
▪ violence
▪ abduction of a pupil
▪ traffic management
▪ suspected bomb threat
▪ theft
▪ IT and Internet security
Security Procedures
All security procedures must be reviewed by the Governing Body as part of its annual review of the SEMP (School
Emergency Management Plan)
Each day school personnel must be aware of the following:
▪ entrances and exits are secure
▪ windows are secure
▪ challenging unauthorised people on the school site
▪ combustible material must be collected
▪ alarms are switched on
▪ outside lighting is switched on
▪ security of valuables and personal possessions
▪ visitors and contractors
▪ wearing identification badges
▪ IT security and confidential information
▪ dealing with suspicious parcels or objects
Security Measures
The following security measures are in place:
▪ Access control system
▪ Audio entry
▪ Security lighting
▪ Burglar alarm
▪ Fire alarm
▪ Perimeter fencing and internal fencing and gates
▪ Controlled entrance gates
▪ Window security
▪ Roof security
▪ Internal public address system
▪ IT security
Training should take place periodically and on induction for school personnel on all of the above.
We ensure all school personnel have equal chances of training, career development and promotion.
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Approved by the Governing Body: Spring 2022
Date of review: Spring 2024
Periodic training will be organised for all school personnel so that they are kept up to date with new information and
guide lines concerning equal opportunities.
School security updates are reported to the Governors Finance, Resources and Safety Committee termly meetings.
All breaches of school security must be reported, recorded, investigated with an improvement being made to the school
security procedure that was breached.
Role of Parents/Carers
Parents/carers will:
▪ be aware of and comply with this policy;
▪ be asked to take part periodic surveys conducted by the school;
Raising Awareness of this Policy
We will raise awareness of this policy via:
▪ the School Handbook/Prospectus
▪ the school website
▪ the Staff Handbook
▪ meetings with parents such as introductory, transition, parent-teacher consultations and periodic curriculum
▪ school events
▪ meetings with school personnel
▪ communications with home such as newsletters, website news and push notifications via the school app
▪ reports to the Governing Body
▪ information displays in the main school entrance
Monitoring the Effectiveness of the Policy
This policy will be reviewed every 2 years or sooner in the event of any incident investigation findings.
▪ Safeguarding & Child Protection
▪ Visitors & Contractors Policy and RA
▪ Security and personal safety
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▪ Health & Safety
▪ Fire Safety
▪ Lone Working
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