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R Time

R Time 

At Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School we provide a nurturing environment within which all our children can live, learn and play together.

Some of our children also benefit from a more intensive and therapeutic approach, if it is felt that they would gain from specific intervention, we call this “R Time.” R Time is a Wave 2 intervention which will provide creative solutions to reduce/avoid exclusions and reduce the need for Wave 3 support. 

Emotions are an integral part of human nature. Through emotions we respond to life in many different ways—with anger, happiness, fear, love and loneliness. Emotions influence our thoughts and actions; they inspire our needs; they affect our bodies and impact on our relationships…and our ability to learn.

In “R Time” we aim to provide an environment in which children can flourish and build trusting relationships with adults and in doing so gain the skills they need in order to learn. There is an emphasis upon the assessment of children’s social, emotional and behavioural skills, on learning through play, and on shared experiences. Activities are built around the child’s needs as identified through the use of SDQs and through observations of involvement in learning activities.

 Children engage in activities developing the skills of:

  • Responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Resourcefulness in our pupils.

Children are identified as potentially benefitting from our “R Time” sessions through the use of SDQs and with some reference to the Leuven involvement Scale (Prof.F.Leavers).


We have clear outcomes for the R Time Programme. They are to:-

  • improve a child’s social, emotional and behavioural skills;
  • improve children’s communication and language skills; 
  • give children practical support, strategies and confidence; 
  • facilitate restorative practices; 
  • give parents and carers practical support, strategies and confidence;
  • accelerate academic progress by enabling the child to engage in learning;
  • enable the child to effectively lve,  learn and play with their peers;
  • influence the practice of the whole school;
  • improve attendance and puntuality;
  • provide creative solutions to reduce/avoid exclusions and reduce the need for wave 3 support. 


The R Time Programme fosters creativity, stimulates the imagination and engages children in their learning and social interactions. As well as providing opportunities to promote Restorative Practices. The acquisition of the language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing underpin everything we do. Language and communication are the keys to learning and the development of self-esteem, resilience and responsibility. All situations in R Time are seen as opportunities to learn and make social as well as academic progress.


Due to Covid-19, individual members of the R Time Team, team are assigned to specific children in order to promote the concept of Champion/Advocate/Go to person.  

 Sessions will focus on the following five areas using a therapeutic approach/emotion coaching: 

  • Self Awareness 
  • Managing Feelings 
  • Social Skills 
  • Empathy 
  • Motivation. 


SEMH Support in School

Wave 1 Support

Primarily, this is part of Quality First Teaching in school. It is a whole school approach which can involve any of  the interventions indicated below:

  • Circle Time
  • Massage in Schools Programme
  • PawsB
  • Yoga for our Early Years Children.

Our next tier within Wave 1 offers small group rather than whole class support:

  • Rainbows/Sunbeams
  • Lego Club
  • Social Stories
  • Emotion Coaching
  • Enhanced Circle Time.

Usually, these activities can be led by their class teacher or Learning Support Assistants from across school. However, currently with regard to our school risk assessment – Covid-19, they are restricted to class bubbles.


Wave 2 Support

We have developed a School Hub to support pupil’s emotional support and well being for our Wave 2 interventions. The Hub provides a space for small groups and quiet learning opportunities for pupils. It is also a space where parents can meet with our external providers and where they in turn can work with our pupils.

Over the past year we have developed a sensory space at the rear of The Hub and a fire pit at the front, so pupils can also access Sensory Support and Forrest Schools Provision.

The Hub is resourced to support 1-1 therapeutic and an emotion coaching approach for learners which is based upon practical and creative activities. Activities are based upon trust, respect, empathy and genuineness. It can also be highly focussed small group support based upon Th.Inc Room Principles.

Usually, these activities can be led by their class teacher or Learning Support Assistants from across school. However, currently with regard to our school risk assessment – Covid-19, they are restricted to class bubbles.


Wave 3 Support

Accesses support from our External Partners including:

  • Educational Psychologist Services
  • ADHD Foundation
  • Seedlings
  • Play Therapy
  • OSSME.

Our School Hub is also accessible to all classes across the school, to engage in a quiet space for learning, utilise the external sensory space to the rear or the fire pit at the front of The Hub, for Forrest School or creative activities.


We have a wealth of resources for SEMH which can be found on our home learning page.

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