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Year 5 Safer Internet Day – Anfield Stadium

Safer Internet Day

On Wednesday 7th of February, Mr Fairclough’s group went on a trip to Anfield stadium to learn about internet safety. At 9:30 AM we left school with Ian, Mr Fairclough and his group. We felt excited but Joe and Kamil felt sick because they were Everton supporters.

We arrived at Anfield Stadium at 10:00 AM. We got a picture with Mighty Red (Liverpool’s mascot) except for Joe and Kamil. It was really exciting but Joe and Kamil thought it was mighty bad! 

After that, we went into Anfield stadium and saw a presentation about internet safety. We learnt how to stay safe on social media. It was very informative. Then we met a special guest, Gary McAllister, and he spoke to us about being safe online. Mr Fairclough got a selfie with Gary and it was very embarrassing.

Following that, we did a fun activity about emojis. We learnt about how dangerous emojis can be, because they could be misunderstood and can cause arguments. 

Penultimately, we did another activity about cropping pictures. We did a puzzle of a segmented picture that had been cropped. This shows that cropping pictures can be really dangerous because you might need permission of the person you are taking a picture of; they might get annoyed or angry.

Finally, we went out of Anfield stadium and Mr Fairclough took a picture of Anfield stadium and his group (the Everton supporters found it hard to take part in). Internet safety is very important because of strangers online and how they steal your personal information.

Do you stay safe online?

By Reece L. and Joe M.

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