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Should We Protect The Rainforest?

Should We Protect The Rainforest?

I am writing to discuss the important debate as to whether or not we should protect the rainforest. This is a very important issue and I will be discussing this problem with you.

Many people believe that it is bad to cut down the rainforest, since it takes our oxygen away. On the other hand, we need wood and paper for our every day life. But is this actually worth it?

However, by cutting down the rainforest means Animals can come to extinction and there wont be many animals left this means you wont be able to go to the zoo or more places like that. But at the same time the Rainforest produces jobs so more people can be working and getting paid this means that people will have money so they can afford food and won’t be starving.

Therefore, to conclude, by destroying the Rainforest means landscape is getting destroyed and god’s creation. Can you feel the guilt destroying God’s creation. On top of that, wood produces furniture for example tables, doors and chairs.

In my opinion I think that destroying the Rainforest is bad for a   variety of things, for example I think we could live in the world with no wooden tables/chairs. But people have different opinions and will probably see this problem the other way.

By Mia McCarthy Y5

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