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Should We Protect The Rainforest?

Should We Protect The Rainforest?

I am writing to discuss the important debate regarding whether or not we should stop deforestation in the rainforest, this is a very important issue in the world and I would be addressing reasons why and why not we should stop deforestation.

Firstly, people say we should protect the rainforest because we are destroying animals’ habitats and these animals would possibly be extinct in the next hundred years. Furthermore, oxygen would be eventually decreasing and there could be more carbon dioxide (CO2). Could this be acceptable?

On the other hand, people say this actually a good thing because we get some vital resources like paper, which we write on and wood, which we make into furniture. In addition, we could sell the deforested land for money and that could get people some jobs.

However, people say that destroying the rainforest could be like destroying God’s creation and it’s kind of like wasting his time. On the other hand, many animals will get looked after in captivity; will this be continuing?

Therefore, to conclude, I personally believe that we should protect the rainforest because certain animals will get extinct for example, big cats such as tigers and lions and a variety of panda species and also ingredients for curing diseases are getting destroyed such as, Cortisone and Rosy Periwinkle but other people might have other reasons to protect or not protect the rainforest.

By Reece Legaspi Y5

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