Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School

LKS2 Spring 2022

PSHE in year 3- children worked as a team to build the tallest tower out of marshmallows and pasta. They explored resilience and celebrated each others success. 


During our year 3 topic of gymnastics, the children have explored creating shapes, balances, different types of rolls and jumping and landing safely. They then used their knowledge and skills on the apparatus. 

Music with Mrs Naylor this term. Year 3 children have had the opportunity to improve their singing and practice how to improvise using the glockenspiels. We even invited year 2 to watch our performance. Year 4 have created their own melodies. 


Year 3 have spent this term reading a selection of books by Anthony Browne including: Hansel and Gretel, Voices in the Park and Gorilla. We have focused our writing on creating stories in the style of Anthony Browne and used ‘Talk for Writing’ story maps to help us plan, draft and edit our writing. 


Lower key stage 2 have had great fun identifying and classifying rocks. Children went on a hunt around the school grounds in search of rocks. They made decisions on how to classify and group them and explored their properties using a magnifying glass to observe them closely. We have focused on reading non-fiction texts all about rocks and explored key vocabulary linked to this topic. 

Maths is no problem for year three who have used base 10 to solve problems linked to division. In their new topic, they are exploring length. They have been using rulers, meter sticks and tape measures to investigate and compare length of objects around their class. 


Reading Buddies- reading for pleasure whilst supporting our friends is one of our favourite things to to in year 3 and 4.

Year 3 have explored the atlas using a scavenger hunt to search for physical features of the UK

As part of our non-fiction writing topic, year 3 have worked very hard to plan, draft and edit an information leaflet all about our home town of Liverpool. 

What fun year 3 had using their knowledge of healthy foods to design and make a sandwich snack. They even cleaned up after themselves. 







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