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Welcome to Key Stage 1 home learning page!

Please email us at: eys-ks1@oliprimaryschool.co.uk  to share any work that you have completed or send us photographs of all your hard work as the teachers would love to see how you are getting on.

Summer term 2020

Each week your teachers will be setting you some work linked to books from Rising Stars website https://my.risingstars-uk.com/

Teachers have provided your child with their usernames and passwords and you will need our centre ID is 6008942 to log in.

Year 1 Home Reading Activity week commencing 15th June 2020

Week beginning 15th June 2020

Please click on the link to access the reading.

Thank you

Mrs Guy & Mrs Bradley

Year 2 Home Reading Activity for week commencing 15th June 2020

Be an Astronaut home reading task 15.06.20

Please click on the link to access the activities.

Thank you

Miss Whittaker & Mrs Rimmer

Click on the link to direct you to videos from your teachers who are missing you all very much and have a message for you.

Videos – 2019/20

Each week you will see lots of exciting new learning opportunities to take part in at home. Your teachers are logging onto their TT Rockstars, Reading Stars and Purple Mash class accounts to see all the excellent progress that is being made each day.

Purple mash activities for Key Stage One this week are :

     Purple Mash            Key Stage One -week beginning 8th June 2020

Welcome to the start of a new week. This week, we will be reading a story called ‘Ned and the Jungle Animals’.

Monday : In the first chapter, Ned and his friends are doing some gardening at school and he sees something quite surprising disappearing inside the school. When you have read chapter one, there are some questions for you to check you have understood what you have read.

There are then two fun activities. In the first one, you need to complete the jigsaw to see a picture of Ned, and in the second, you can decorate a picture from the story, and use the words to write a sentence about the picture.

In maths, you have a quiz where you need to match the digits to the numbers written in words. You need to drag the words onto the arrows that are pointing to the same number. Can you label all the numbers correctly up to twenty?

Finally, there is a chance to develop your coding skills and write some code for the activity, ‘Guard the Castle’. Can you help the knight to keep the castle safe?

Tuesday : Today we are going to read chapter 2 of our story, ‘Ned and the Jungle Animals’ and then do some work to check your understanding. In today’s chapter, Ned is doing some painting and sees a mysterious looking tail outside the window. Would you believe Ned if you were Anna?

There is also a pairs game to play and a paint project for you to have a go at. Remember to have a go at writing a sentence to go with your picture.

Maths sees you race against the computer in 2Race, as you decide whether the numbers are odd or even.

This week we are going to carry out some work based around jungle animals. Which is your favourite animal? Today we are starting off by looking at tigers. Can you think of some good adjectives and similes to describe a tiger? After that, have a go at the animal matching game, where you need to correctly match the different animals to their name.

Wednesday : You are working really well this week, keep it up! First, we are going to read the next chapter and then complete some activities based around what you have read. In chapter 3, Ned has another strange animal sighting!

After completing the activities, you can have a go at making your own garden scene with Ned and Anna.

After that, you have another paint project to do. How will you decorate your crocodile?

In maths, you play a game of Sequence Snake. Look at the sequence of numbers and guide the snake to the next number. Start off with challenge A, and if you want to, have a go at challenge B.

For our other work today, we are thinking about different animal habitats. That means where different animals live. Can you sort the animals into the correct group? There is also a game of Jungle Pairs to play. As on previous days, remember to set some time to make sure you get moving, perhaps you can follow a keep fit video online?

Thursday In today’s chapter of our story, Ned sees yet another strange animal and is determined to follow it to figure out what is going on! Show how well you understand what you have read by completing the activities.

There is then a game to play where you must help Ned collect the carrots from the garden. Watch out for the animals! You can then colour the picture of Ned and Anna from the story. Remember to write a sentence.

In maths, you have an exercise where you need to work out which number is missing from the number line.

For our topic work you are going to do some writing about your favourite animal. Think about what the animal looks like, what it eats and where it lives. After that, you can complete your own jungle picture. Remember to click on the animals to hear a sound!

Friday Today is the final chapter of our story ‘Ned and the Jungle Animals’. Today, Ned finally gets some answers about all the jungle visitors he has spied this week. Remember to complete the activities that show how well you have understood this week’s story.

After that, use the pictures to help you to put the story in the right order.

Then you have a final paint task. What did you think Ned was going to find in the school hall? Draw a picture .

In maths, you have a quiz to decide which item is the tallest or shortest.

It is then time to think about what it must be like to look after all the animals at a zoo. Using the zookeeper mashcam, think about which animal would be your favourite to look after. Take a picture of yourself as a zookeeper and write some sentences if you can.

After that, you can think about creating your very own animal. What will it look like? Will it have fur or scales?

Spellings for this week :

Year 1 – Quiz 1, ‘oo’ digraph in words like food and pool

Quiz 2, ‘oo’ digraph in words like took and foot.

Year 2 – Quiz 1, ‘tion’ suffix

Quiz 2 , common exception words .

Grammar : Subordination (using when, if, that, because) and co-ordination (using or, and, but)

You have worked brilliantly this week, well done! Have a lovely weekend.

At OLI, we have a real love and passion for reading. Continue this at home by taking part in the Year 1/2 reading challenge! How many can you complete?


As you are probably aware from the media, on Monday 20th April, the BBC launched a service to support home learning. The service will include programmes available on iPlayer or the red button on the TV. There will also be activities on the BBC Bitesize website where you can sign in a personalise your BBC Bitesize experience. 


Classroom Secrets have created a KS1 pack containing all you need to ensure your child continues to learn during school closures. This pack contains: maths, GPS, reading and practical ideas:

School Closure Parents Letter_Year 1

Year 1 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Year 1 Home Learning Pack

Year 1 Practical Ideas

English Mastery have also developed a bespoke selection of resources to ensure you child will receive a similar style of routine, structure and learning. This first pack contains 4 weeks worth of activities. Some packs contain QR codes at the back which you will need to scan in order to read the books linked to the pack. A QR code can be downloaded for free onto your mobile phone.



Hamilton trust have made some ‘learning at home’ pack for both english and maths. For new weekly packs, click on the link which will take you directly to the. https://www.hamilton-trust.org.uk/blog/learning-home-packs/

Year 1

Y1 Day 1 English

Y1 Day 2 English

Y1 Day 3 English

Y1 Day 4 English

Y1 Day 5 English

Y1_Week1_Day1 Maths

Y1_Week1_Day2 Maths

Y1 Week 1 Day 3 Maths

Y1 Week 1 Day 4 Maths

Y1 Week 1 Day 5 Maths

Year 2

Year 2_Week 1_Day 5 English

Year 2_Week 1_Day 4 English

Year 2_Week 1_Day 3 English

Year 2_Week 1_Day 2 English

Year 2_Week 1_Day 1 English

GR_The Cats Journey


Y2 Week 1 Day 1 maths

Y2 Week 1 Day 2 math

Y2 Week 1 Day 3 maths

Y2 Week 1 Day 4 maths

Y2 Week 1 Day 5 maths

Games and activities to support KS1 children in learning their phonics. Parents can sign up for a free trial. https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/

Try Google’s 3D animals as a stimulus to write – type in the name of the animal eg  ‘Panda’ and scroll down to where it says ‘View in 3D’ click on it and this will project that animal into your living room! There are some great facts there all about the animal so why don’t you make a Fact card about it on purple mash ?

Fluent in 5 -Maths

Fluent in Five – Year 1 – Week 1

Fluent in Five – Year 1 – Week 2

Fluent in Five – Year 1 – Week 3

Fluent in Five – Year 1 – Week 4

Fluent in Five – Year 1 – Week 5

Fluent in Five – Year 1 – Week 6

Fluent in Five – Year 2 – Week 1

Fluent in Five – Year 2 – Week 2

Fluent in Five – Year 2 – Week 3

Fluent in Five – Year 2 – Week 4

Fluent in Five – Year 2 – Week 5

Fluent in Five – Year 2 – Week 6

Continue to improve your child’s times table knowledge and recall of facts by using the packs below. There is a parent guide to support you.

Times Tables Pack Parent Guide



Explore the world with ODDIZZI.

Real World Geography For Kids

Oddizzi- exploring place KS1

Oddizzi- Exploring Physical features KS1

Oddizzi- Exploring Weather and climate KS1

Oddizzi- Explorers Country closeup KS1

Oddizzi-Explorers Food and farming-KS1

Oddizzi-Explorers Global knowledge KS1

Oddizzi- Explorers Places KS1

Literacy Shed have produced some excellent resources for you to try at home. there are videos to support visual literacy and reading comprehension packs. The first resources is called ‘A Cloudy Lesson’, please watch the video and work your way through the activity pack.

A Cloudy Lesson KS1 Activity Pack – Activity Pack

Stage 1 Reading packs -Year 1 Literacy Shed

Stage 2 Reading Packs – Year 2 Literacy Shed

Scholastic have carefully created a range of home learning resources to help parents continue to support their child’s learning at home. Click on the links below to open the documents.

Book Report Template

Guardians of the Galaxy Timetables Worksheet

Handwriting Practice Worksheets

KS1 Telling the Time Quick Practice Pack

Year 2 Non-fiction Comprehension Worksheets

Zog Home Learning Pack


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