Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School

Cold and Hot Writing Tasks

Please have read of some of our brilliant writing tasks. The Cold task is our first attempt and the Hot task is our independent final task after lots of  immerse , imitate and invent strategies within that genre . We have just used a small part of the children’s writing to show the impact of their learning. Where there is an amber task at the start it means that it was a new genre for that child which they may not have come across before so some immersion teaching will have already been taught.

Year 6

L.O To write an entry for a personal diary

Cold Task

On Saturday morning me and my mates were going on a bike ride up by Everton Hiils and we did tricks, flicks and wheelies .We went through every park nearby our houses….  

Hot Task , two weeks later

It was hard to swallow my food with the old man watching me . It was hard to eat that vile thing that he had dropped on the old wooden table  . I didn’t want to leave a crumb just incase the old man , who I didn’t know until five minutes ago, gave me a beating….

Year 4

L.O To write a story from another culture .

Cold Task

In Tokio (Japan) , there was a girl called Yemi . She had a taste of adventure and so did her friend Cathline , they wore jumpers as red as blood….

Hot Task , three weeks later

As the heat blasted through India , Julka lay on the hard , rocky  road trying to get to sleep. It wasn’t long before she fell into a  fitful slumber , not aware of what would happen to her the next day….

Year 3

L.O To write a set of instructions Cold Task

First you need to get your ingredients . Next put sauce on the pizza base and spread it with a knife. After that sprinkle on some cheese and put your pepperoni on top…

Hot Task , two weeks later

My marvellous medicine is going to blow your mind and is mouth watering delight ,so give your Grandmother some and she will get a nasty shock ! What you need : Spider’s legs, pink fairy liquid, white baby powder, slimy worms and brown paint ….

  L.O To write a shape poem

Amber Task

A flower that shines , it’s so nice it looks like a magnificent star. I love flowers, they grow so fast like  a rocket going to space.

Hot Task , one week later

I will put in my box : The swish of a black river with a purple snowman melting in the centre , fire from nostrils of a Chinese dragon that explodes in the night sky like fireworks .My box is fashioned by bright blue ribbons , a red bow on the lid and purple dots in the corners…  

L.O To write a story with a familiar setting

Cold Task

Last night I woke up in the morning and got dressed and then I went down the stairs really quickly. I made my own breakfast at seven and after that I watched TV…

Hot task , three weeks later

Once there was a little girl called Lilly. She had long, blonde hair with big , blue eyes and she always had a smile on her face . She lived on a street with lots and lots of colourful houses ……

Year 2

L.O I can write a the style of Roald Dahl

Amber Task

Willy Wonka tells everybody that there are five golden tickets to be won . Charlie buys a chocolate bar and finds a golden ticket .Charlie tells his family that he has found a golden ticket.

Hot Task , two weeks later

There was a small kind boy with golden blonde hair called Charlie. He lived with his family , they were very poor . He lived in a wrecked and damaged house with broken windows . One winters day….

L.O I can write a report

Cold Task


What do dogs look like ? Spotty, black , white ,orange , brown.

What do dogs eat ? Can foods , bones .

What do dogs drink ? Water.

Hot Task  , two weeks later

A report on elephants


In this report you will find lots of facts about elephants . You will find out where they live , what they eat and how they look so please read on .


Elephants have grey wrinkly skin. There are two kinds of elephant , the Asian elephant and the African elephant….

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