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Anglo-Saxon and Viking Diary Entries – Year 5

March 3rd AD 878 

Dear diary,

The last couple of days have been monstrous and I feel pride; I am currently worn out and my body needs a rest.

Two days ago, I was looking for wood to build so homes and make mine bigger when I suddenly saw some heavily armoured Vikings and their leader Guthrum. He was covered in rose red blood with a look of hate in his eyes. 

I ran as fast as the wind back home to my village. Would you have fought on your own? Therefore I had to go back. I was so relieved when I reached the edge of the forest. Eventually I ordered a village meeting and ordered my men into battle; they were loyal so I knew I could trust them.

Me and my men chased into battle with our mighty axes and our shiny, stone knives. Just then my men started killing and being killed. It was dreadful. I could smell the rotting corpses and see the shiny, ruby-red blood my warriors and their victims. Suddenly a Viking charged at me… I put my shield up and it got chopped in half! I swung my axe just in time, hitting the Viking in the neck and killing him instantly. Just at that moment Guthrum surrendered as he had lost men and was injured.

Me and my warriors felt superior but a little bit depressed because a lot of troops were killed in this bloody scene. Guthrum converted to Christianity and was baptised by me! Therefore me and Guthrum signed a treaty, giving peace in England.

See you soon, diary,

King Alfred 

By Bobby Mitchell

March 3rd AD 878

Dear diary,

The last few days have been depressing, difficult and tiring; I’m currently feeling exhausted and my mind needs to have a long rest.

It all started when i was hunting deer in the misty, murky forest with my mighty axe when I suddenly saw the almighty King Alfred The Great, armed with his shiny weapons. The idea to ambush him popped into my head so I sprinted back to my village to get my loyal followers. 

With Alfred captured, I took my chance to invade Wessex. Unfortunately Alfred escaped and it caused a horrible battle. Blood covered the field and I could smell it in the air. The corpses of dead men were everywhere. The only thing I could taste was fresh blood. Alfred was charging like a wild boar. I thought to myself “what was I going to do?”

After hours of battling, I knew I was going to lose. I did the only thing I could do: surrender. I felt very disappointed about it but it was the only thing I could do. 

This defeat was very tough, so I decided to convert to Christianity to make sure it didn’t happen again. After that me and King Alfred decided to agree a treaty so we would have peace over England and our people.

Speak to you soon Diary,


By Reece Legaspi

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