British Values

We are a Catholic school; one family living and learning together in faith.

As a Catholic School we believe British Values grow from our Christian faith. We see all people as being made in the likeness and image of God and therefore everyone is to be valued and respected.

Through our curriculum we enable all pupils to develop their self- knowledge, self- esteem and self- confidence. Our children know that their views count and that their voices are listened to. They are given many opportunities to experience, understand and take part in the democratic process.

Through the process of repair, reflect and rebuild the children are taught how to manage their feelings. They understand how their actions and the actions of others have consequences and they learn to distinguish between right and wrong. They understand why rules apply to everyone and how rules are essential for the wellbeing and safety of all. Our school mission statement and code of conduct ensure that we shape our children to become valuable, caring, respectful and considerate members of our school and parish families and the wider British society.

Jesus taught that we should work to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We encourage our school community to be actively involved in charitable activities for the good of others. Through this work the children learn that they can impact positively on the lives of others.

We teach the Catholic faith but we also teach respect for people of all faiths and recognise that freedom of religion and religious expression are basic human rights. We encourage all pupils to treat others as they would like to be treated themselves.

Our mission is to develop a Christ centred community which recognises Christ’s love in every person and reflects the gospel values in everything that we do.

In the curriculum map below, staff in each year group have discussed how they aim to meet the different aspects of the British Value agenda and will plan these in throughout the year.

British Values Curriculum Map 2016-17

Below are snapshots of our work around Modern British Values:

Luciana Berger (MP) Visit to School: January 2017

The children were very excited to meet Labour MP for Wavertree, Luciana Berger, when she visited school for a meeting with the school council and the e-cadets.

Luciana stayed for most of the afternoon and talked candidly about her experiences in parliament, helping others, being an MP AND an expectant Mum – oh and Brexit!

She also spoke in depth to the e-cadets about internet safety and her own personal experiences of internet trolling and anti-semitic abuse she has previously experienced.

It was a very valuable meeting for all children involved and we were grateful to Mrs Berger for giving up her time to talk to us about the fascinating world of politics.

Establishing a house/house points system in school: January 2017

The school council have been discussing the possibility of introducing a (High school) house system, to support good behaviour at our school and to reward pupils for examples of good behaviour, good manners and any other positive things that are identified by all adults around school.

The initial feeling around the idea was very positive, although most of the councillors had never heard of such a system.

We shared our own experiences of a house system and the children did some personal research in this area.

Another primary school in Liverpool have used the system for some time and contact was made. This has resulted in our school council receiving an invitation to visit and find out more about their school house system and whether it could work in our school.

War Veterans Visit: November 2016

We were extremely lucky to have a visit from local war veterans this afternoon, who came to share stories and tales from the conflicts they were a part of. Children asked thought provoking questions, which really allowed the veterans to open up about their experiences and what they witnessed whilst serving the country overseas.

EU Referendum: June 2016

Year 6 and Year 3 took part in their very own EU Referendum today. For the last two days, Year 6 have been learning about the arguments from the ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’ campaigns and deciding which one they wanted to vote for.

After deciding, each child worked on a piece of writing to use in the debate. Two teams of 4 pupils were chosen and the rest of the class acted as the audience. Year 3 pupils were invited to watch and listen, with all of the audience casting their votes.

The results were 93% ‘Remain’ and 7% ‘Leave’.

The Queen visits Liverpool!: June 2016

Our School Council were fortunate to go to the Town Hall today to see the Queen as she visited Liverpool for the day. The council were also joined by Mrs Eaton, who was sharing in the excitement of the day!

Holocaust Memorial Day: January 2016

On Thursday 28th January, I took a group of children to attend the  Liverpool Schools’ Parliament Programme as a part of Holocaust Memorial Day at The Liverpool Town Hall. Firstly, we had a look at the Holocaust related display in Hall of Remembrance. We were welcomed by Jeff Dunn, Director of Liverpool Schools’ Parliament and then prepared to listen to some stories from survivors of the Holocaust. The main points we agreed with and took away from the experience are:
•    We will stand up for what is right and speak out against what is unfair and wrong.
•    We will try to defend those who cannot defend themselves.
•    We will strive for a world in which our differences will make no difference – a world in which everyone is treated fairly and has an equal chance in life.
The event ended with three survivors sharing their stories and this was followed by some children asking questions. It was an endearing experience and the children really enjoyed it. Miss Topping

Junior Lord Mayor Elections: November 2015

Our school ambassadors, Callum and Eve, were invited to the Town Hall today to take part in the Junior Lord Mayor elections for 2015-16. Callum was nominated by the school to stand as our candidate for Junior Lord Mayor, preparing a wonderful speech which was professionally delivered to other members of Liverpool Schools’ Parliament.

Assisted by Eve, Callum’s speech consisted of reasons why he should become one of Liverpool’s 11 Junior Lord Mayors, linking back to his roles within school, such as School Ambassador and Eco-Councillor. He talked about how the qualities he displays in school, would support improvements in other schools around the city, through the Schools’ Parliament.

The school would like to wish Callum the best of luck for the elections, with the winners being announced on Friday.