School Council

Hello! My name is Ayman I am in year 6 in Mr Cotton’s class. I’m so happy and surprised that I’ve been elected for school council! I hope to help the school become a better place. My favourite team is Liverpool, as it is the best team in the universe. Remember, Tom will do your homework, so if you need any homework doing, ask Tom in Miss Topping’s class.


My name is Mia and I am 6 years old. I feel proud to be on the school council. I love pancakes, Nutella and strawberries and love to drink Pepsi.


Hello, my name is Louis. I am in Mrs Rimmer’s class. I like to draw and play hide and seek. I am 6 years old and my favourite lesson is Maths. My favourite football team is Liverpool.


Hello! My name is Oscar and I am currently in Year 6. I am also in Miss Topping’s class. I love football and I support Liverpool. My favourite colour is red. I’m 10 years old and my favourite food and drink is coke and pizza. I’m pleased to be in school council.


Hello, my name is Evie and I very proud to be voted for school council I am 10 years old and currently a pupil in Mr Cotton’s class. In my spare time I love to do arts and crafts and ride my bike.


Hello, my name is Faith. My favourite food is chocolate I am a dance superstar and I am 7 years old. My favourite friend is everybody.


Hello, my name is Liam and I am 8 years old. I am in Mrs Coulson’s class. I love Liverpool and my favourite subject is maths. PS I will do all your homework! PPS Tom will do it too!


Hello. My name is Narcisse. I like football and I’m 9 years old. My best friend is Lucas I love chocolate but don’t eat too much. I’m sensible and funny. I love cherry Pepsi, I have thousands of friends and I love school council and no anger issues! I love and I said LOVE science. My favourite team is Everton.


Hello, my name is Eva and my hobbies are dancing and writing. I will keep all of our school teachers and children safe and my best friends are Mia and Aaliyah.